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Multiple Playable Characters in one Savegame

multiple playable character savegame follower npc immersion role playing immersive enemy

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Hello Nexus Community!


Did you ever think it's reasonable that a warrior, who never used a spell, will be granted the position of the arch mage, solely because he smashed some heads and saved some people?

Or that said warrior will be chosen to lead the thiefs guild, though he can't even sneak properly and always runs into battle and just kills everyone? Well, I didn't...


That's why I'd like to see a mod, that gives the player the possibility to create more than one character to play.

Let's say you start a new game. You get to the character creation menu. Once you're done editing your main character (the dragonborn) you will be asked if you want to create additional characters.

(Of course you could do it later if you wish.)


Now you can edit your second character. There could be some additional Information, such as:

Is he/she rich or poor?

Where does he/she live?   (Whiterun, Riverhood, Solstheim, Nowhere [always wandering around] etc)

What playstyle does he/she have?   (mage, thief, warrior, hunter, alchemist etc)

What relation does he/she have to the dragonborn?   (friend, son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, childhood friend, uncle, aunt, wife, husband, arch enemy etc)

What does he/she do when he/she is not on an adventure?   (hunting, studying magic in winterhold, blacksmithing, teaching archery or something else, selling stuff etc)

Is he/she a member of a guild?   (thiefs guild, mage academy, dark brotherhood, companions, imperial army, stormcloaks etc)

Is he/she a werewolf/vampire?


You could have a second character, who is a rich and old nord, lives in the Proudspire Manor in Solitude, member of the mage academy and is the uncle of the dragonborn.

A third character, who is an argonian hunter, lives in a hut in the wild, is a master level teacher for archery and is a childhood friend of the dragonborn.

A fourth character, who is a female breton mage, studies in the mage academy, is an expert teacher for destruction and is a student of your second character.


You could choose to have one or some of them as a companion as soon as you leave Helgen or that you have to find them first. There could be a quest, that leads you to your other characters.

Once you've found them you can have them as followers. Maybe they're fine, living with their familys and doing npc-stuff or maybe they're in trouble for some reason.

For example: A character could be sent to jail and you need to buy him free or help him break out.


And whenever you go to sleep, you can switch to another character and your previous character will turn into a npc. You don't need to have them as followers and you don't need to be near them.

You could be in Riverwood and switch to a character in Solstheim for example. Maybe every character could have their own questlog. But I'd suggest that every character has the same level.

And depending on the chosen playstyle they could get an increase of their skills, even if you're not playing as them. For example: While you play the dragonborn and increase your skills, your third character could also get an increase in archery, light armor, sneak and one-handed, because he's a hunter. And if you play your third character, you can of course train all of your skills as usual and the dragonborn gets an increase in the 5 highest skills.

Or somehow like that. That way, you don't need to train every character separately. 


I think such a mod could give the player so many possibilities.

If you play a warrior, who does never use magic, you don't need to do the mage-quest-line with the same character. You can simply create another character, that fits the role of a mage much better and you can actually use magic.

Or if you want to see what it's like to be a member of the dark brotherhood or a canibal, but you don't want the dragonborn to be evil, you can do it without starting a new game or changing your appearance in the racemenu, to make your character fit the role of an evil canibal.

You could create an arch enemy, play as him and join the imperials(if the your main has joined the stormcloaks). As your main you could fight your arch enemy in the battle for Solitude.


I think this could help to keep it realistic and immersive.

What do you think about it? Is it too much or even possible to do with a mod? Do you have any suggestions? Anyway, thanks for reading


PS: If someone wants to make such a mod, I'd suggest to name it MPC - Multiple Playable Characters^^



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Try the alternate actors mod, al though it is very buggy, but that's as good as it's going to get.



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Familiar Faces mod + Alternate Actors mod has great potential, I used my thief/assassin character from my other save game and made him into a follower and the used alternate actors to switch bodies with him and used my old body as a tank/fighter follower when I did the thieve guild quests and the when I was done I switched back to my old character. The mods used together can mess with you perks every time you switch back to your old body though I found.

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