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Prison cells and cell door retextures

prison cell door retexture

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Hey, I've been looking all day for a retexture for skyrims prison cell door and the whole prison cell parts for that matter. Couldnt find any one nexus or steam. Got Skyrim HD and a lot of others and those damn prison cells are extremely low res. Any one got a link for one?



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If I remember correctly prisons use city + ratway textures. Alternate Start cell might be based on fort. What I use:


NobleSkyrimMod HD (Instead of SkyrimHD. Can be also installed before SkyrimHD+Parallax if you have such setup. Personally I prefer non parallax NobleSkyrim + Tamriel Reloaded HD with parallax)

Tamriel Reloaded HD

aMidianBorn Imperial Forts (for interiors)

Vivid Landscapes Forts (includes only exteriors)

Langleys Texture Workshop - Ships and Canal (textures/dungeons/riften)



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Cell doors are \dungeons\imperial\jail\ 


Higher resolution textures won't fix them, the meshes need redone with better UV mapping and normals. 


(I just spent several hours looking for a source for these.)


Nothing actually fixes them or changes the meshes to be less atrocious so the textures (which are in \dungeons\imperial\ and included in Tamriel Reloaded Interiors 2k only, apparently) don't look horrible.



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The cage using a single metallic texture, most of mods have 2K (in the best) with not so much details.

I made a 4K with a lot details, while I'm checking the rest elements (locks, nails) - which they're vanilla textures, nobody's making textures of these things.



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SMIM includes new meshes for the jail doors, so that part may be done. I don't know about "better UV mapping and normals," that's beyond my very limited knowledge of meshes, but SMIM often deals with that from what I've read.

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