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[Mod Request] Create HUD toggle macros, or a blank quest

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I am looking for a way to map toggling specific HUD options to a key on the keyboard.  Basically me and many others complain about post-endgame there being no way to "un-track" a quest so there isn't any of those stupid waypoints or pathways, so people started just tracking the "Collect 'Em All" quest and then turning off the "Active Quest" HUD in the options, so it's as if there's no quest being tracked.  My idea is to have either one of these options being implemented:


The first option would be to just create a macro to toggle that "Active Quest" HUD, so people can just track the "Collect 'Em All" quest when they're not on a quest, and just press the button when they are on a quest so they can track it properly.


The second option would be to add into the game a quest that is completely blank and is never completed, so when you're not tracking a quest you can just click to track that quest and it's as if there's no quest being tracked.

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