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enclave commander mod fallout 4 brotherhood of steel lead squad euphoria

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Somebody smarter than me PLEASE do the good people of Todd Howarddom a favor and make a Enclave Commander-esque mod for Fallout 4 at the soonest available opportunity, even if that means waiting for the CK to be released.


A mod like that in Fo4 with all the Vertibird mechanics for the BoS/Minutemen and Teleportation for Institute Synths would be a real spectacle. Enclave Commander was always an essential mod for me in previous games, there are few things better than roaming the merciless wasteland with a squad at your back ready to bring the pain. it made the game feel more tactical, and exciting. I know, I know the game already let's you kind of do this but in a very limited way. Enclave Commander let you call any number of forces from any faction to anywhere in the game world that will follow you to hell and back. I would love to see that return to the game.


Hope this happens, I woud love to RP a BoS squad leader.

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Nothing like this will happen until the G.E.C.K., unfortunately. At least I don't think. But, it will definitely happen! No doubt about it...

Enclave Commander is well endorsed where Fallout 3/New Vegas is concerned, so It would be crazy not to have a Fallout 4 version. Especially, with all these new animations like for the synth teleportation and BoS vertibirds. 

Therefore, I second this! :)       But, I wouldn't play for reals until maybe two years down the line. That's how long we'll have to wait for the likes of this and EVE, etc. My guess, anyway. 

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