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[Request] Make Boston Airport a usable Settlement

boston airport settlement prydwen brotherhood settler

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Currently the Boston Airport workshop and building area are only useful for building objects for a quest.


You cannot build food, a settlement beacon, or Scrap bench, etc, which is a shame since the spot rather appeals to me. I was looking forward to building a multi-story fortified outpost in this location but without settlers it would not feel right. You are allowed to place water resources and there is space for regular water pumps.


I am playing with the food planters mod so food would not be an issue.


Since mods are out that let you add to what can be built (planters, etc) I assume that it would not be too much different to turn Boston Airport into a working settlment by adding the missing objects?




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Boston is .... special... its not affected by the 'unlimited settlement' mod (or the ce table) and has a very small allowance of what you can build(Putting down a few floors and walls will prob put you near maxed)


What it needs is its workbench replaced with a 'real' one.

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