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[REQUEST] Dhole and Rare to Tibetan wolf model swap (Mad devil or pack leader for rare dhole)

wolf animals dhole model swap

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I thought it was weird that the production team would choose dholes instead of regular wolves considering the game is meant to be based on Pleistocene europe. Wolves were present at that time and it would make way more sense that regular wolves and dire wolves were coexistent in the game rather then dholes, which are not even dholes but African wild dogs. Considering the game assets are similar, I think it would be a very awesome swap to change the wild dogs to the Tibetan wolf models of farcry 4 (the rare wolf Mad devil would take the rare dholes place). If anyone would know how to do this but did not have the time how to do it, I'd like to know what was required in the tool department in order to possibly do it myself. Thanks in advance!

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