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NifSkope Hang When Importing Maya Model With Curve Tool Used - Help Please

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Hello, so I'm having an issue with NifSkope, I'm using version 1.1.0 Rev4 so I can import my .OBJ. I made a mod for Skyrim that is the weapon that Negan uses in The Walking Dead, it's not the best model, this is my first mod so I was more concerned about actually getting it to work. In order to easily make a wire around the bat for the barbwire I needed to use the Curve Tool and extrude the faces along it.

When importing my model from Maya to Nifskope however it just completely hangs the program, when I delete the wire it'll import the file fine, but that's kind of beating the purpose of the mod if it's just a bat. :P


This is a picture of the model in Maya 2016: http://imgur.com/TBrtOX0



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Your model has too many polygons I think in a single mesh, ~170k polygons. That's way too much for a single object. You should have around 32k triangles in a single mesh.


Even if you got that model inside nifskope, it won't be usable in-game since all the games support around 60k faces or 30k faces at most, not sure exactly.

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