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A *very* basic dialogue tutorial

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Alright, I'm new at this myself, but maybe that's all the better in this case. Below is a very basic dialogue tutorial to help you set up some NPCs. I'm digging through the dialogue functions myself, so this can be considered the state of what I know for certain at the moment. I encourage everybody to try it out for themeselves, and I hope the more experienced members of the board will comment and add their own knowledge as well.

Let's get it on!

A Very Basic Dialogue Tutorial

1.) Place your NPC and give it an ID you can easily find.

2.) Go to the „Quests“ in the Object Window. Rightclick right and select „New“

3.) Enter an ID and a name as well as „Start Game Enabled“ and „Allow repeated...“ Set „Priority“ to a number between 25 and 50. We won't be dealing with anything else on that particular page. Click „OK“ (you HAVE to click ok, otherwise GECK won't remember your quest).

4.) Re-open your quest and go to the „Quest Stages“ tab. Rightclick in the left column and enter „0“. (I don't know if that's really necessary, but it doesn't hurt a simple dialogue).

5.) Go to the „Topics“ tab, rightclick in the left column and select „Add Topic“. Select GREETING from the list. GREETING is what an NPC says to you when you start a conversation.

6.) Go to the right column (the large one) and click right. Select „New“. A dialogue window should pop up. Enter what your NPC's greeting should be in the uppermost box, then click OK. Ignore the autocorrect popup.
You now have your first line of dialogue! GECK allows you to enter many entries under that one topic tab, so you can technically have a dozen different welcoming phrases for your NPC. Just enter a few and click „Random“ for each of them in the boxes below. Voila, you've got an NPC with variety!

7.) Rightclick the „Conditions“ tab below, select new and click on „Function Parameters“. Select your NPC. Do so for every line of dialogue!

8.) Add a GOODBYE topic. The GECK ends dialogue with a GOODBYE topic which is placed not under the „Topics“ tab, but under „Conversation“. Go there, click „Add Topic“, chose GOODBYE and add your dialogue in the upper info box. You can again chose to add several lines your NPC can pick from randomly. Don't forget to check the „Conditions“ box below and enable your NPC, the same as you did before.

9.) Now you've got a start and an end for your NPCs dialogue. Great, but a bit empty, don't you think? Let's add some actual dialogue, just for tutorial purposes.

a) Go to the „Topics“ tab and chose „Add Topic“. Create a new one. Enter the first sentence in the upper right box by right clicking and selecting „New“. Write what your NPC is supposed to say. Counter-intuitive as it sometimes is, the GECK wants you to write the answer/dialogue of the NPC before the player actually prompts it.
b) If you've written the first sentence, you'll see there's an open line called „Prompt“ in the „Info Details“ box. This is where your character says his line! Enter it. Under „Response Text“ you'll see the NPC's line. You can add more to it by simply right-clicking below it and selecting new. Once prompted ingame, the NPC will utter all of the lines in order.
c) Rightclick the „Conditions“ tab below, select new and click on „Function Parameters“. Select your NPC.
d) Select GREETING in the „Topics“ tab. On the very right side, there's a box called „Add Topics“. Rightclick and add the name of your dialogue topic (otherwise your dialogue won't be shown when you talk to the NPC).

10.) Click OK to close the Quest window and save your plugin. Congrats! You've just created your first dialogue.




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This is helpfull.

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