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Witcher style potions possible?

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Hello everyone, currently I'm in the process of making my "first" real skyrim mod. However, I had this idea of adding a system for a couple potions that would work similiarly to the Witcher series. If you don't know, in the game whenever you drink a potion, you gain an increased toxicity which will decrease over time. If you drink enough potions to fill the toxicity bar, you cannot drink more.


So my question is simply; Can you make a script (or something among those lines) to somehow resemble the Witcher way of drinking potions? I want this function only for my custom potions made by the mod, NOT for the vanilla potions. The only solution to this problem I can think of is making a script that prevents the player from drinking potions after drinking one of the special mod-made potions.


Thanks for reading! :happy:


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Here is a mod that I made for original edition Skyrim:




As you can see, it is slightly different than the Witcher system. It strongly encourages the player to consume all potions at the same time and avoid Restore Health/Stamina/Magicka potions unless necessary, and then to use the most powerful ones available. I quite like it myself. If it suits your interests it wouldn't take very long to port it over to SE.

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