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  1. I believe the delay is to give you an opportunity to kill any witnesses before the crime becomes "official." One way of getting witnesses is to use an alias that fills with the conditions GetDetected and GetActorValue Morality. Seems to work very well, though obviously limited because you would need an alias for every single actor you wanted to affect.
  2. Thanks. Preventing sprinting is actually easy, because it can be toggled through an animation bool.
  3. Unfortunately, items picked off of corpses are not counted as stolen ever as far as I can tell, which is why I had to move the items into a hidden container for my Contraband mod.
  4. Doesn't the PC still run when you change their speed modifier, just slower?
  5. Aaaaand spoke too soon. I never knew what an input layer was because it is a Fallout thing, not a Skyrim thing.
  6. THANK YOU. I have been searching for a solution to this problem for literally years and I never even knew what an input layer was.
  7. I've been trying to search Google for this, but the results are too cluttered with other definitions of "run" and with players trying to solve bugs. Has anybody found a nice clean method for preventing the player from running? Specifically I want them to be unable to run when under the effects of a particular spell. So far the only method I have found is encumbering them, which also slows their walking speed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Sounds like you need to reinstall SKSE. Although why your other SKSE functions are working, I have no idea.
  9. I don't see where you unregister for keys. That's going to be an issue. If you look at Form.psc, is RegisterForKey there?
  10. Actually, looking more at your script, I see a number of odd things, but it's a bit hard to tell because you are using some nonstandard coding practices. (Which is fine! Just makes it a little harder for an outsider to parse.)
  11. Well what kind of errors? There's no reason you should have to declare a native function in your script.
  12. Why do you have Function RegisterForKey(Int KeyCode) Native in your script?
  13. Leveling up in Skyrim is not a reward unless you have the skill ranks to compete at that level. Leveling the player without increasing their skills is significantly to their detriment, because enemies get tougher while the player doesn't improve at all. You might be better off letting the player pick, say, ten skills to automatically gain a rank in. If they pick their higher rank skills, they'll probably increase a level. If they pick their lower rank skills, they probably won't increase in level, but in that case they probably don't want to increase in level because they are trying to improve a low ranking skill to the point that it is viable at their current level before they go increasing level again, and the game world gets harder. If the bonus you are looking to give the player is the +10 in an attribute, I would suggest just giving them an ability that boosts that attribute, because again otherwise you're actually penalizing them for completing your quest.
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