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Bodyslide and Outfit Studio Problems

bodyslide outfit studio meshes? female body clothing boobs

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(I have Skyrim SE with all DLC, and use NMM, btw)

So I'm just getting into modding, and I need some.... a lot of help. Long story short I'm trying to get big boobs on my female characters, and when naked, they have exactly that, but when clothed - no. How do I get the clothes to match the bodies? I am all turned around in Mod wilderness without a map and compass. BodySlide shows me all the sliders, and I can affect the size of my naked bodies but I can't see previews OR open anything in Outfit Studio. I was using UNP Female Body Renewal, but I wanted to try something different, and so I have a couple presets, but no meshes and from what I understand that's, well, pretty important. Take pity and help me please! I can give more information and clarify any uncertain points. 



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You need an armor mod (which actually have the body type they are made for as part of the mesh file) made for that body type.




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hello all friends i need to help

i use bodyslide an outfit studio but when i open it is dont show up low weight & high weight


any one help me please



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This is directed at KittyQKeeva, fyi. I have no answer to the last question posed.

  1. Open Bodyslide and Outfit Studio.
  2. Select your body as the Preset. If your bodyslide has clothed and unclothed variants, choose the clothed version (unless the armor is something "skimpy" that you purposely want to act like a bra-less outfit)
  3. Select the armor in question from the Body/Outfit dropdown
  4. Click Preview. If the armor doesn't require detailed tweaking via Outfit studio (most automatically fit to whichever body...but some don't) , it will simply show the armor on your body correctly, ie you're ready to build it . If it doesn't and body parts peak through, things get messier (since the outfit itself will require screwing with or the body changed to suit). Can't help you there. Tried using outfit studio but failed and I don't have time to make it a hobby. my plate's more than full with work and pursuits outside skyirim right now to be able to devote the time into learning unless it's a (even a 5 year old can...) type step by step.
  5. So if it does show the armor correctly, click the "morphs" checkbox if the armor mod suggested a need or you know its SMT HDT etc. checkbox is located in the  lower left of the application near to "batch". (DO not use batch for now, just the morph checkbox, to ensure that any specific "tweaks" are applied. TBH, I usually skip that except when a mod author tells me to, but I wonder if it shouldn't be "Standard Operating Procedure"... idk, maybe someone more savvy will respond and explain...
  6. If you're happy with the fit, click Build.
  7. Do the same for each piece of armor you want fitted to your character's body type, be it body, legs (stockings etc.) or otherwise. footwear is usually somewhat forgiving (I mean boots, not pumps), but pretty much everything you wear will require fitting to your body, either the nude variant or the clothed, depending on your desire for the a"armor" to reveal (or not reveal) body features like nip protrusion etc. (again, avoid using the batch feature for now...just do onsey twoseys to get started)

* regarding clothed vs unclothed variants, many bodyslides have a clothed and unclothed version. The clothed version (generally?) pushes the breasts in, up, and pushes the breasts out or in from center (spreads out, or increases cleavage), as well as flattening any nipple or "puffy" characteristic, as if they were wearing a padded bra, or some heavy clothing that hides the underlying "feature". It can look pretty dumb when iron armor is fitted as if it were a gossamer thin silk blouse, you know? Anyway, if it doesn't have a clothed variant, you either have to just use the nude or make a copy of the nude variant and modify it to act as a clothed variant (ie, you'll need to modify (mainly) the breast characteristics to provide the desired characteristics of a "clothed" bodyslide variant.


IFF you do find that you need to create a "clothed" variant of your body, first thing, open bodyslide, select your body preset, then on the right side choose "Save As". A new popup will ask you to select the groups you want it to interface with. From my own expeirnece, I'd suggest checking them all (wish I knew how to do it without manually selecting each one!) , then give it a name . If the source body preset was "bob's ideal woman", I'd recommend a name like "bob's ideal woman clothed".


Now, you'll need to edit your new "bob's ideal woman clothed" model to exact the changes that make it act as if it's inside actual clothing. The how-to for that is beyond me, aside from what I already noted about general characteristics (up, in,/out, and flattened...hmm or made more pronounced. I've seen both, though mainly flattened)... as well as I know them as a guy anyway (chicks could probably give us a much more accurate idea of what and how...I've never worn a bar let alone having breasts, and my butt don't jiggle in the least...there ain't no fat to jiggle for one)


So... from an experiential / empirical pov, I'd recommend that you find and download a few bodyslide models and once you find one that produces both nude and clothed variants in Bodyslide Studio, compare them in from Bodyslide studio's preview panel  so you are more familiar with the differences in the body variants. Can't hurt to download them anyway, as they increase your library of alternatives (variety!) both for your own bodies (perhaps you'll create a new player down road) and those of NPCs and follower/companions



  1. Choose CBBE special or physics for the Body/outfit
  2. Choose your bodyslide (either nude or clothed) as the preset.
  3. Click preview
  4. Repeat for the variant you didn't' examine the first time through

repeat 1-4 as necessary until you see the difference and get comfortable with the sort of things you'll need to change.. 


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