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Completely new to modding, guidance please?

noobmodder mods custom mods

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Ok so I am COMPLETELY new to modding and the CK and other stuff like that. I have been watching many videos to help me get started so I'm not asking for a complete step by step guide. I want to learn how to create custom weapons and armor, I wanted to start with weapons because it seems easier and smaller to do. I have watched many videos including Nightasy for how to create the models and stuff like that but I can't figure out how to do all of this for SSE. I have tried the whole Blender and Nifskope Import/export stuff but from what I understand some stuff from SSE isn't compatible? I have Blender 2.78c and Nifskope alpha 6 I believe. I already have extracted the BSA meshes and I have the NIF files for the vanilla weapons and such. I want to know would I go about opening them in blender? Do I need a different version, I've been trying to use more up to date versions for both programs but if I need multiple then let me know cause I have no issue with that. Just knowing what versions and programs I need to work on SSE files is a huge help! Also if anyone does have a tutorial on youtube on modding for SSE that I may have missed cause everything I see is for the old skyrim and I find many road blocks in their tutorials for SSE, and anything recent is just CK work which doesn't help me if I want to make brand new custom weapons. Any help is much appreciated, thank you!

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