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Playing Skyrim as the Thalmor (with mods)

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Hi fellow Thalmor supporters!
I'm kinda new to Skyrim (started playing it a few months ago) and as I was having to choose between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks I got frustrated because I realized that both are pretty lame. They are both [censored] that like to pose as the good guys but ultimately are willing to cause harm to innocents as long as it fits their political interests. The Stormcloaks, for example, are willing to bully, attack and oppress individuals from other races in the name of their radical nationalism and their hatred for the Empire. They are intolerant and closed-minded. The Imperials, on the other hand, are willing to execute innocents just for convenience in their fight against the Stormcloaks. 
Bottom line is that there is no good side. There are just sides and their political interests that may, at times, coincide with the well-being of the people but that will not hesitate in going against that well-being when necessary.
If that's the case, I figured I'd rather join the Thalmor, who are at least honest about their intentions and if you come to think of it, they are not really worse than the Imperials or Stormcloaks. Plus, the animosity between the altmer and the empire was started by the later, when Timber Septimum forced the summerset islands into the empire. The Thalmor is ultimately a reaction, although sometimes misguided I admit, to the imperialism of men.
So an elven-ruled Tamriel does indeed seem like a better option than the chaos caused by men.
I've played Skyrim as the Thalmor (using mods), killed the Dragonborn and conquered the whole realm in the name of the Aldmeri Dominion. Here are the youtube playlists:
SKYRIM: THALMOR PLAYTHROUGH (Full): https://www.youtube....eDumD_PtKWn0P81
SKYRIM: THALMOR PLAYTHROUGH (Highlights): https://www.youtube....nGE5ENtc-WTyGYe
It may not be an example of gameplay prowess, but I tried to make the roleplay aspect pretty decent :wink:
I'm not the done with the roleplay story yet. Many more videos are coming. 
The mods I used are in each videos descriptions. 

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Well one thing is certain, you are new to Skyrim. Making such statements that Imperials and Stormcloaks are lame but you would prefer to play as Thalmor instead.

Both Stormcloaks and imperials have basically the same goal, to get rid of Aldmeri Dominion or at least to not be their puppets but they try to do this different ways. For example Imperials want to restore order to Skyrim so that the Empire would have more "member" countries in it to have bigger chance surviving against the Aldmeri Dominion. The Stormcloaks want to make Skyrim independent from Empire because they see Imperials as weak puppets of the Aldmeri Dominion and because the Empire has banned worshiping of Talos and because they feel that their Nord way of life is at risk.


To join the Stormcloaks or the Imperials? It's actually a difficult choice to make since both have valid sights on the matter. Stormcloaks want make Skyrim free again and the way it was before the Empire. They want to stand against the Aldmeri Dominion on their own without Empire which is kinda stupid considering Aldmeri Dominion is huge and they kicked the Empire's ass and the Empire is also bigger in size and man power too than Skyrim so that's a reason to not join them. On the other hand Imperials want Skyrim to stays in the Empire so they have better chances against the Aldmeri Dominion but the Empire isn't how it used to be, for example their new laws such as banning Talos is like saying "Being a true Nord is a crime!" and also many believe that they are just puppets of the Thalmor and Aldmeri Dominion because they had to submit to outrageous peace deal called White-Gold Concordat.


And now the Thalmor you wish to join instead. Thalmor captures, enslaves, tortures people who still worship Talos, have relations to the Stormcloaks or disagree with their beliefs and they also still want to destroy the Empire and gain control of Tamriel. And you still think elven-ruled Tamriel would be a better place? All I can say, Thalmor, Aldmeri Dominion, the High Elves, and all who support them can burn in the depths of Oblivion!


Independent Tamriel would be the best future. Dismantling the Empire is a valid option, let all the countries have their own laws, culture and ways of life.



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Snif, I just wanted to see the playthrough then I see that the topic was from the 17 September 2017 and the playlists weren't here... :laugh:

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