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Some comments on calling reset() on a cell.

ck reset respawn cell

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I just thought I'd tell you about this, in case it's useful to you. I certainly couldn't find much about it on the net myself. It's how to respawn an internal cell without having to wait an eternity of game days (30 is an eternity in my mind!)

The background is that I had an area in my Severin Manor that I'd made into a greenhouse. I used BYOH plants and almost every other plant in the game that is harvestable, two or three of some of them, so there are close to 100 plants in there. I didn't use the BYOH planting soil and planter npcs, so all of the plants only respawned every 30 days away from the manor... totally impractical. I decided that the simplest solution was to make the greenhouse into a separate cell and respawn it using reset(), which is supposed to respawn internal cells. That way I could leave the main part of the manor respawning every 30 days and my smithing area (already a separate cell) as a no reset zone.

For my script I tried a trigger with OnTriggerEnter event and OnCellLoad and OnCellDetach events on objects in various cells. I checked that each was firing with a debug messagebox. My final (successful) version was based on an OnCellAttach event and added to an XMarker outside of the manor. The trigger was in a test cell that I wanted to respawn. I used coc to travel away from it and return... it never respawned.

Here's what I found after a lot of experimentation...

Reset() does not appear to work when called within the cell to be respawned. (Needs more testing to confirm. It could be that my test cell was the problem since it had no location or connection to Skyrim.)

Reset() does not work when called in an adjacent cell to the one that's to respawn and the player enters the target cell straight after calling the function. This can be either two internal cells or an internal and external cell... neither works.... that's definite. Even if you subsequently travel far enough away that it should respawn afterwards... it won't. In my example calling the function to respawn the main manor when in the Smithy, passing through the main manor right after and travelling to Northshore Landing and back, the main manor would never respawn.

Reset() only appears to work when called in an external cell and the player then travels a certain distance away from there before returning and then re-entering the target cell. I fast-travelled from Ravenrock to Northshore Landing and straight back again... it respawned every time. I've yet to determine the minimum distance that has to be travelled. I've seen people mentioning five cells but I'd like to confirm it.

I hope that's of some interest to those of you who didn't know it already! It's just saved me a whole load of planter NPCs, activated soil mounds and another utility cell.

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