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  1. Hi. I use UNP female body with Diamond Skin. If I give UNP armour to vanilla NPCs they wear it without any problems. If I give it to my own NPCs clipping occurs. The NPC pictured here has been given the UNP nifs (all 6) and the Diamond skin textures. She must(?) be using them because her textures show my nail varnish that I added to the UNP texture. The bracers and leggings are both UNP. She has her own race (not Morphed) and I set up the naked feet, hands and torso, skin naked etc, separate from vanilla and assigned them to her. Anyone know what I'm missing. An update: The robes were causing most of the clipping on the legs and arms, whatever body weight was set, but there's also a slight problem with the 0 nifs. Lydia was set to 100 weight and that looks perfect in outfit studio. My other NPCs were between 30 and 60 weight, so they showed the clipping. Once I get my head around Outfit Studio I should be able to tidy up those niggles.
  2. I'm willing, but I'd have preferred it if the mod had included actual guineapigs! According to Lola (children's cartoon 'Charlie And Lola'), guineapigs are really, extremely clever! I beg to differ, but they are cute. Anyway, I'll gladly give it a shot, guineapigs or not. I'm on Discord if that makes it easier for file transfer. Please, please, please add some guinepigs! Whee! Whee! Whee!
  3. I'm being naughty. I'm replying to my own post. Ooh, err, missus! My (sadly still naked) follower is still following. Thank the devines that I gave them all 'invulnerable' status and Layette has high archery skills (she's a marksman trainer). By the way, giving the other 3 courtesans disposition 1, 2 and 3 gave them varied dialogue, so that's fine. Is this the easiest way ever to add a follower? Will it screw up the marriage quest? It certainly adds a follower and she works fine. It can't be this easy, right?
  4. I'd honestly try something simpler to start with... Hair mods cause all manner of mayhem, even the best. They can even cause black-face bugs. As far as things still being there are concerned, you need to test on a clean save that hasn't seen your mod. If you don't, things like hair, faces, outfits and scripts that have already run are baked into your save. I don't know if hair is the same as NPC outfits, but if it is, you can approach an NPC, open the console, use your mouse to select the NPC, then type 'disable', without the commas and enter. Now type 'enable' and 'enter' without exiting the console. When you disable, the NPC will vanish. When you enable, they will reappear at the place they were heading to, so you may have to wander around to find them. They may well have your new hair style.
  5. So, the weird thing is this... I created 4 NPCs from scratch. Alll 4 are trainers. All 4 train correctly. One of them, though, did something totally unexpected... I got a dialogue option, 'Talk To Me'. Being a sucker, I did. She then declared, "Let's go then." and trailed around after me. So I have a follower, but how? She is not a member of any potential follower faction... ... you're not going to believe this but I think I may have the answer as I'm typing... The 4 NPCs are naked female slaves, added into the Project AHO mod. My idea was to be kind to them, recover their gear and they will equip it and act as trainers. There's a note to read from a character (Yen-Ylu) in my mod that starts a hidden quest. The quest simply alters the disposition of the 4 slaves. As an experiment, I gave the 4 slaves +1, +2, +3 and +4 disposition, for friend, ally, confidant and lover. I was only trying to see if their basic dialogue altered for a bit of variety. I was of the opinion that only friend and ally did anything meaningful in the game... I'm now thinking I was wrong... ... the one who gave me dialogue and is now following with no follower script is the one who is my 'lover'. Spooky, but I need to find out why.
  6. I'm making a mod to alter magic in general. With part of it I want to address some skills levelling painfully slowly while others are a cinch. I also want to correct the imbalance between awarded XP and the level of the spell cast in some cases. For instance, casting the apprentice level 'Calm' spell actually levels the player less than if they cast the novice 'Courage', even though 'Calm' rightly uses more magicka. I've noticed this in game on a good number of spells from different schools. I thought it should be a simple matter of looking at the base cost and skill usage multiplier in the magic effect, but something seems off. In the spells I expected the auto-calc cost to be a simple multiplication of the spell magnitude by the base cost... but it isn't, not quite, anyway. For example, incinerate should cost 60 x 3.3 by that logic (198)... it's 171 Firebolt would be 25 x 1.2, or 30... it's 41. Fireball goes the other way. 2.3 x 40, or 92... its actual spell cost is 86: close but still no cigar! If I'm to adjust the skill usage multipliers correctly, I need to know exactly how this is all working. Can anyone enlighten me? The Wiki gives some formulae and a table but it's annoyingly vague on some points. On a lighter note, it always bugged me that stealth attacks with a blade or bow dealt 2 to 3 times damage, but quiet casting spells while sneaking had no such bonus... ... sorted. The Sneak tree now has the 'Stealth Bomber' perk. It works perfectly. It requires 40 Sneak and the Quiet Casting perk. It also requires that the player is sneaking and undetected when casting the spell. With perk and conditions met, 'Stealth Bomber' now deals double destruction spell damage. Hurray for the mages! Oh, the perk is located below the 'Muffle' perk and though it doesn't require that perk, the lovely glowing line links to it and finally adds the rest of the tail to the 'Sneak' perk tree in the UI. Sweet all around. I need to test what happens if the player cashes in their Illusion perks in apocrypha, including 'Quiet Casting'. Hopefully, this perk will stop working and not crash the game. I may need to add a message to warn the player that they will lose 'Stealth Bomber', if I can. Anyway, that's for the future. For now I was just delighted to see a frost troll losing twice as much health when I 'Stealth Bombed' it.
  7. Sorry for the second post but I think I've found the answer. It doesn't help me much, unless I want to be editing the armour for the next week or so. The individual vertices are all coloured red. There are tons of them. The set-up is therefore like the potion bottles. I once edited the vertices on four potion bottles in Nifskope for a brown poison, but it took ages editing each one with the hex editor. Is there a way in Nifskope to batch edit all vertices of one colour and change them to another? I don't fancy changing vertices one by one on four meshes. I'm using Nifskope 2.0 dev 7. It seems as if this could be done for Oldrim but Nifskope does not support the feature of altering multiple vertex colours at once in SSE meshes.
  8. Solved: schoolboy error alert! I'd forgotten to select my armor addon in the armor form. Doh! Nice yellow glows now. Hi. I'm getting back to modding after a couple of years off and I've forgotten some of what I knew. I'm setting up potent flame atronachs, familiars and dremora lords to be affected by the vanilla potent atronach perk. The set up works fine. I've just to change the armour and gauntlets on the Potent Dremora Lords. I want them to glow yellow rather than red. (My familiars are red. I'll move onto a more violet hue for the flame atronachs later) In Nifskope, I set the armour glow in the nif using the hex editor to the exact same shade for the _0 and _1 nif files. In CK I duplicated the armor and AA files for both and selected my meshes. I only changed the meshes that had the glow. I only bothered with male armor and gauntlets because you only ever summon a male. I then duplicated the outfit and put in the standard boots and helmet, plus my two armour pieces. I allocated that outfit to the summoned actor, since the enc lord that is the template does not use its inventory. When it failed I added it to the other in a vain hope... obviously no change. In both armor addon forms, the yellow glow shows correctly when selecting the nif files. On the preview of the actor and in game, they still have red glowing armour. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.
  9. showler, I'd beg to differ that bringing the discussion here was pointless. I did not understand the antagonism towards what I thought was a fair point on the USSEP mod page. I did not understand why polite questions were being rebuffed so strongly. I raised it here and thanks to your reply, I now get why my post caused such a stir... I may not entirely agree with their reasons but at least I understand why they are making them. That's fine by me... ... so thanks to your reply, I now understand the reason. I can't see how you can argue that someone listening to your own advice is pointless! For me it wasn't pointless because I've learned something... thanks to you. I'm happy, so I think we should just move on. My mother gave me a coffee mug recently. Emblazoned on the side are the words: "Everyone is entitled to my opinion." I had to laugh. Our whole family can be stubborn as mules, myself more than most, but I do listen to reason... eventually! (:
  10. Hee, hee! I had to laugh. "Go fiddling with any locks around here, we're going to have a real problem." Larceny is in your blood, my friend.
  11. Thank you! I now see why I got the responses I did. You are entirely correct that I didn't know that bit of 'history'. I was aware of 'haters' who tried to rubbish the patch (I didn't and don't agree with them), but I did not realise why my post caused such a stir. I'm pleased that I apologised to them here and I hope it goes some way to letting them know that I am not now nor ever will be against the patch, if any of the devs have seen this. If I'm being truly honest, I quite like some bits of the 'Fishing' mod, though I don't like the quests. I'm a sucker for prizes and I used to keep tropical fish... The BYOH aquarium is nice. The others... No, I'll do as you say, for now. I may still Wrye Bash and use SSEedit to remove the other dependancies, though. That'll be just for me. In all honesty, lacking what you'd told me, I just thought it was easy to offer another version, which it is, and I couldn't get why that idea provoked so much anger... ... now I know. I would even have made such a version and offered it to them, but I see now why that would not work for them. When I uploaded and published my mod I realised that I had used an asset from another mod. I hoped that it would be free to use. I checked and my heart sank. I PMd the author, offered to take my mod down and make my own asset... they were very kind and simply asked that I update with a credit to them, which I did... phew! I'd hate people to pirate my mod. I hated the thought that I'd inadvertently done the same. I fully understand now why USSEP are touchy about this, but I have to say that if they'd told me this in the first place, we'd never have got to rhis stage. I'll edit the OP to say that it's resolved, but I think it's useful for those, like me, who did not realise this detail.
  12. You've misread. You wrote that the rant was aimed at Beth. I responded that no modder can change Beth's decisions ergo it is pointless to litigate that on a mod page. No, I read your OP here and response to showler. It's good that you've apologised to the USSEP team but it gets lost in all the other stuff you wrote - most of which wasn't needed to respond to me. Thank you! I thought I'd add that I'm more than happy to apologise (I was anyway) after reading showler's last post. I now know what the issue is.
  13. You've misread. You wrote that the rant was aimed at Beth. I responded that no modder can change Beth's decisions ergo it is pointless to litigate that on a mod page. No, I read your OP here and response to showler. It's good that you've apologised to the USSEP team but it gets lost in all the other stuff you wrote - most of which wasn't needed to respond to me. Thanks for that.
  14. 1. You posted a rant on a mod page (do NOT do this; the posts tab is primarily for support and constructive feedback) 2. By your own admission the rant was about something no modder can change (Beth's decision to include CC content) 3. You asked the same thing several times 4. You think all of that's ok because you didn't swear and you weren't rude 5. You think that because you're remarkably tolerant of a$$holes (a technical term, look it up) who post on your mod pages, every other modder should also be like that 6. Then you come on this forum and take pot shots at the USSEP team and say some fairly uncharitable and insulting things about them. None of what you've done is ok and is entirely counterproductive to what you're trying to achieve. Why did you reply to yourself above, btw? The replying to myself bit is quite simple. I clicked on the wrong post to quote by mistake. Once I noticed it, I couldn't edit the post to remove it. You have my apologies. My post was not about something that no modder could change. It was about the decision to make the four CC mods that were slipped in via update to be masters for the patch. The patch can be independent of those 4 esp files. That is a choice made by the team. I've looked at them in SSEedit and I can see why they would want to change some of the errors for players who wanted them. I just want the option for players to keep the patch and remove the CC mods, should they want to. I love the unofficial patch on the whole and do not want to be without it. I think it has done a vast amount of extremely good work and the team in general are to be praised for this. That's not to say that I can't be critical of this choice. I don't like the CC mods and have never wanted CC mods in my game. Now I have them, because I hadn't played for years and had Steam set to update automatically. I can't remove them or the game will CTD because the patch has them as masters and I want the patch. It was one of the first mods I ever downloaded. I endorsed it then and have no wish to remove my endorsement. Personally, I can probably use Wrye bash and SSEedit to remove the dependancy but many players won't be able to do that. I may try that because I really want the unofficial patch. I said in my original post here that I love it but am loving it less. I still love it, though. It seems that you read my post before it was removed. You're right that I asked the same thing several times. That was because it was never answered. I was referred to the sticky point that stated that the CC mods were considered to be part of the vanilla game and had to be masters for the unofficial patch. I still disagree with that, for the reason I have given. I agree that they are entirely within their rights to ban me from posting on the mod page. I was frustrated by that because I felt that I had been too harsh and wanted to post an apology and an explanation that was more clear. The team has my apologies here. I'm sorry. I praised the team in my original post and will praise them again. I am definitely not a hater of the patch and I'm sorry that once again I haven't got that across properly. I think it's perfectly reasonable and pretty simple to host a version of the patch that has no CC dependencies. I suggested an alternative file that did not have the 4 CC mods as masters so that players could opt out of the CC mods if they wanted to. You may be correct that posting this is counterproductive but I don't know what else to do. I am trying to be fair. Do you think that we should have a version independent of the CC mods?
  15. Fair to a point. I am a mod author, though. Here's how I deal with posts on my mod page... ...people posted ludicreous stuff about my own mod. I replied politely. I considered every post, though, even if I thought it was daft. Sometimes I thought: 'Fair point'. I changed and updated the mod. The USSEP team did not contact me, warn me. they simply removed my posts and barred me. That's something I would never do. One player was extremely rude to me about my mod. I read their post, gave them advice and moved on, but not before I offered them helpful advice. My point is that anyone can tell me (rightly or wrongly) about my own mods. I will try to help them, regardless of whether or not I believe they are right. I could say that their opinions are not welcome, but I wouldn't. Their opinions are equally valid. They are playing my mod and don't like some of it: that's fair comment. I welcomed all feedback, warm or cold. I never tried to bar a player from posting because I 'Didn't like their opinion'. That is basic etiquette to me. The USSEP team did not afford me that etiquette, in my opinion. My opinions on any mod, USSEP or otherwise are equally valid. I am fully aware of the concept of etiquette. I would like to reiterate at this point that I still endorse the patch!
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