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REQUEST: Realistic Bullet Penetration!?

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ive scoured everywhere and i am shocked that not a soul has made this mod yet, i would if i even knew any about creating mods, but im a simpleton so there we go. now im respectfully and politely requesting a MOD that allows realistic Bullet Penetration, being able to shoot through wooden walls and hit your enemies along with barrels and wood beams, basically anything a bullet would pass through in real life, even smaller trees. please for the love of god! someone make this mod, i think it would be game changing to say the least not to mention the Immersion! thankyou for taking the time to read my request! 



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I suspect a fair bit of work to do that. You would also have to have different values depending on velocity, jackets, JHP, etc.



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I get the idea, I really do, but all I can think of is...

<gets into a room in a house, thinks safe, gets shoot over and over again with no idea where bullets are coming from and no way out, by a super mutant two rooms away, and then rage quits> :P

Definitely be a slower game...yeah. Could really appeal to some, for sure...maybe especially sneakers?

Side note: There is that one vanilla perk that does something similar for the player in VATS, iirc. Not to discount the comment request, just happened to remember it. :)

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