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  1. I also might say to try, if it's just not doing 'anything', a short wait before attempting to place the marker...maybe? I've definitely seen the event itself work (use it in a few different mods myself), so maybe it's either getting stuck timing wise or just not liking what you're trying to do within the event itself (through no faullt off your own, just 'Oof, Papyrus/Engine Freakout! =P ).
  2. I'd maybe suggest skipping MoveTo on the player and, instead, doing SplineTranslateToRefNode and a FadeOutGame while translating. https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=SplineTranslateToRefNode_-_ObjectReference https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=FadeOutGame_-_Game It's an alternative, at least. (also, yes, PlaceatNode is an awesome function...can be very handy and fun <nods> )
  3. iirc, and that's a big 'if' (been a very good while now since did any work with the mounting bits), none of the mounting stuff works when attempting to mount the player.
  4. I assume you are writing this for other readers as I already said I know how all this works. Making the NPC shoot is simple - making it visibly aim is what I was getting at. The bullets hit the enemies, but the NPC does not swivel the Minigun in sync. Not a big issue though.. If I remember correctly at all and it's anything like from when I did something similar'ish, I *think* it's an anims thing for the guns. NPC's just don't have the same 3rd-person control the player does. They *will* move a little, but not nearly even close to as much as the player will...and it's very inconsistent, even the little the can/do rotate/aim. ....stress that I *think* this is the reason...but never truly gave it much real thought or much troubleshooting time.
  5. Was also something about âseeing their eyes/head/where their head would beâ being what itâs looking to have LOS of, iirc.
  6. The amount of authors that use addon nodes and the amount of addon node numbers that are available to use, make it almost moot.
  7. VATSRestrictedTargetKeyword might work. Not targetable, but still gets highlighted, iirc. Edit: -From the object's actual description: "Specifies a VATS target that will only display a full body highlight and cannot be attacked."
  8. Ussually when does that to the crafting menu, it's due to something with (or not having one that it needs) the World Model on the ARMO record. ...ussually...though not always.
  9. Vertical Spawns, maybe? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/13236 (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/29180)
  10. I'm rereading here and I'm wondering if there might be a misunderstanding of what we're talking about (my fault if so, likely, hehe). When done on the nif, in the BSEffectShaderProperty, the Greyscale Texture is the grad, then the Source Texture is used to define where the color on the grad is and how brightly the color shows. The whiter the grey in the Source Texture, the lower on the grad texture. The blacker, the higher on the grad. The opaqueness is how much is shows/bright it glows. So, if you're colors are too orange (high on that partiicualr grad) and you want more green, lighten the source texture up a bit til you get where you want (lower on the grad). ...iirc, of course, it's been a while. ...and if I'm understanding what's being asked, hehe.
  11. Took a quick look. Greyscale texture in the BSEffectShaderProperty as expected. Textures defined in the Nif for lightingShaderproperties is one thing, and not generally necessary, youâre right. Textures defined for BSEffectShaderProperties is entirely a different and sometimes very necessary to work correctly. ...but, yeah, I know it can be a pain. :(
  12. You sure it's not the greyscale texture under the BSEffectShaderProperty? That's where I'd expect to find it.
  13. The above was actually my first thought, too. Think about IsTurning and IsJumping in there also...iirc (forget which is which when it comes condition functions versus Papyrus conditions sometimes). Can also look at (though, this is def in CK as condition functions), MovementIdleMatches = lalala,
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