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[MOD REQUEST] Enemy Spawn Rate

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The game has a serious issue with the spawn system. Is there way to change the enemy spawn rate?





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Does anyone ever do these requests ?


Sure would like to have a Fix for the spawn rate, needs toning down a lot. 



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Yes, I would like that too.

I only have experience with modding games like Skyrim or Fallout, the developers have released the tools that were used to create the games for those.

Sadly there are no such tools available for this game, so I think there are not many things that are possible.

I just started playing Far Cry 5 (it was on sale a few days ago) and this really frustrates me aswell.

At first I thought it didn't load my previous "save", but then I discovered that the spwanrate for "random encounters" is just way too high.

I am pretty sure that this game would be great, but for me, this makes it unplayable.

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