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Dark Souls / Dark Souls 3 Weapon Hold

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Personally I prefer the way the player character holds their small weapons in Demon's Souls / Dark Souls 2 when two handing (Katanas, Straight Swords, Falchions, Etc.) 


What I mean by this is in Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3 the player holds their sword 2handed upwards and angled towards their right shoulder. I am not a modder or anything but if it wouldn't be too much trouble I'd appreciate a mod that takes small weapons and holds them with two hands and at a downwards angle. If doing this for all weapons would be a pain, maybe just the Balder Side Sword in DS1 and Uchigatana in DS3?


****A better suggestion for DS3 specifically is to just take the katana and make the default (running, standing, etc) pose be the hold stance pose? Like the player has the weapon sheathed without the movement slow until you attack and it will still attack normally. When you hold down the button for weapon stance it slows your movement and gives you the weapon art moveset as normal. I'd rather this but I dont know how difficult either would be, and if it would take too much effort to not be worth doing don't worry about it but I figured I'd ask here! 


To the comments of "Just don't two hand them" and "Get over it, it's just a small detail"

1.) After playing Bloodborne I don't want to use shields, slows down combat and I don't like just not having anything useful in my other hand. I'd rather two hand but it is just so ugly to me in these two games.

2.) I know it's a small detail but like I said, it's so ugly in my eyes that I cant get over it. You know you have pet peeves in something, whether it be a game or not, that you'd change. This is mine.


Ty in advance :)


(First image is Dark Souls (And Dark Souls 3) Two Handed style, second and third are of two handed styles in DS2 and Demon Souls for comparison)

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I've seen quite a lot of mods for these two games

and I can't think of a single one touching animations , or something like that

I wouldn't go so far as to call this impossible , but I don't expect something like this to be easy to do


I won't tell you to "get over this , it's a small detail"

I will however tell you that you shouldn't expect to see something like this done any time soon if at all , as I doubt it's within the scopes of what modders can do with the game (though you are more than welcome to try and understand how stances and animations work in the game , and see if you can edit them somehow)

try to look at what kind of mods actually exist in these games thus far , it should give you some ideas as to what is actually possible right now (though again , I can't say that this is impossible)


one way that may work (though I can't say for sure) , I think that some of the cheat tables for these games allow you to switch how items look while not altering their stats (I'm not sure how this handles animations , so this is the caveat)

if these change the look but not the animations , you could apply the uchi look onto a weapon with the desired stance (if one exists in the game) , and use that

it's not a perfect solution (and it might not actually work , I don't recall what these tables can do) , but at least it's a direction you can investigate and see where it leads you

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