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  2. Hello, could only find 3 mods that enhance pvp things. But I am looking for a mod that disables PVP but keeps messages and stuff alive. Yes, yes pvp is part of the "experience" etc. I know, I know aaaaand I don't care. Would be really nice if anyone knew a way. This Question would also count for Dark Souls 2 + 3 Thanks for any help
  3. Hello. I've recently got back into playing dark souls 2 after who knows how long. My brother and I have downloaded Seeker of Fire and the ds2 Multiplayer overhaul, but they do not work together. I am asking for help or advice or at least getting help started going into the right direction. I have UXM downloaded, but I haven't messed with it yet because I don't want anything to mess help. Any help is appreciated
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anybody could make a mod to add some hotkeys similar to WoW, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for using different consumables or switching to different weapons/spells. For example, I assign 1 to Estus flask, 2 to green blossom, 3 to gold pine resin, 4 to fireball --> then when I press one, it automatically toggles through my consumables to select Estus then automatically hit the use consumable button. Similarly, when I hit 4 it switches my spells to fireball and then casts the spell. Thank you!
  5. tried to install a couple mods, some textures using texture repacker, a few sound mods, and re-remastered. it worked fine until i installed some mods with sound, and now the game plays audio for just a second at the title then goes silent. i uninstalled and verified files but nothing. After uninstalling i deleted everything in the steam ds1r game folder/ Other steam games work fine with audio. Not sure why its still broken after uninstalling and deleting ok nvm after applying mods it set game and sfx audio to zero in game
  6. We are in 2024 is time so a sweer soul port elden ring jump to ds3 I could be very Happy is this happens someday
  7. I'm Persian and i want to make a Persian subtitle for DarkSouls but i don't know where to start, I don't even know if that is possible to make a sub that is compatible to both DS1 PPTD and remastered, I would appreciate any help given, TNX for reading.
  8. Recently, I started playing the Souls games. I finished Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls 1, and now I decided to start Dark Souls 2, but I don't like the enemy limit at all. The cheat link is not working, is there another link or something else?
  9. Have just discovered this on stream, and I'm super impressed. I had no idea this was something you could do as a modder. I'm curious if anyone could share the workflow for taking assets and animations and stitching them together? If the workflow is something I'm capable of, I have some ideas on mods I'd like to make this way.
  10. Is it possible to mod the Dragon Form in DS3 into Black Dragon Armor from DS2? If so, I would really love to see it works for DS1 Remastered too. I used photoshop to edit both of the pictures from Dark Souls 1 Remastered and Dark Souls 3 with the Black Dragon Armor in it to express my wish for it to come true. https://imgur.com/Mghmp1y (DS3) https://imgur.com/xSf5afn (DS1 Remastered)
  11. Trying out Scorched Contract, ran into an issue after using the unpacker. My gameplay looks like... This. Just the gameplay, not the menu, not the hud, nothing. I have... No idea what this might be about, any thoughts? EDIT: I was wrong, it was the AA setting.
  12. Someone know what kind of avatar DS uses? Head parameters edited like meshform or bones?
  13. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a method to create multiple characters iteratively in Dark Souls 3. I'm aware of the game's mechanics and mods, and I'd like to generate 'n' characters using pseudorandom data. For example, I'd like to find a way to import CSV or text files with allowable parameter ranges. Character preservation isn't necessary; I'm only interested in capturing screenshots from different angles after each iteration and saving parameters of created characters. These screenshots should be saved on my PC with specific sequential names, and the character parameters and corresponding screenshot numbers should be recorded in a text file. Is it feasible to accomplish this using the game engine or mods?I need a method that will provide access to the character editor.Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
  14. Replicating a specific Reshade preset can be challenging, but you can try searching online, asking in gaming communities, experimenting, or contacting the creator for guidance.
  15. I discovered a reshade years ago, from a Brazilian channel that is simply amazing, but the preset link simply got lost over time. Supposedly the creator of the preset is "LEXAR's GAMES", but I never found anything on his official channel and he never responded to me either. Below is the link to the video showcase, I wanted to know if anyone knows where to find it, or if they can recreate this very interesting preset.
  16. hello everyone if you are looking for amazing content fallow my blogshttps://nsbgwalior.com/eng/blog/hotmail-signup.html
  17. Any know if there is a mod that fixes the issue were blocking while r1 (shield poke) uses the weapons block stats instead of the shields?
  18. Any know if there is a mod that fixes the issue were blocking while r1 (shield poke) uses the weapons block stats instead of the shields?
  19. I am planning on making a mod for the game that modifies the behavior of the auto setting of the UI. I have never made a mod for this game so can anyone with experience tell me what files I would need to modify or if this seems even possible.
  20. A mod I've wanted forever is one that adds messages with the same format as player messages around various points, like "ambush ahead" when there's something around a corner and "I did it!" in boss rooms, for example. They'd have to be placed in organic ways, with multiple messages overlapping each other in some places. The reason I want this mod is that these days it's not common to have a lot of people online at once, and I miss seeing messages everywhere. It reminds me that other people are playing too and expressing themselves.
  21. The annoying glow/glare that appears on many surfaces (most noticeable on dirt and water) is really irritating. It looks like the reflection of a moon/sun but it follows the camera. No lighting mods I've tried seem to remove it. Is there a way to remove this?
  22. Hello all, apologies if this isn't the proper way to post a topic. This would be my first time. So forgive any mistakes, as I'm sure there are. I have Downloaded DS3 and Convergence mod 2 days ago but have yet to get it going as i can't seem to figure out how to get it to read my PS4 controller inputs. i didnt download from Steam and that seem s to be the only suggested answer i can find online. I have DS4Windows installed and moved the game files to the Auto Profiles tab and re-mapped the keys. the controller works and runs computer perfectly fine until the DS3 window pops up then it loses all functionality. Continuing with game as soon as i gain character control the camera spins in circles rapidly. if i apply slight pressure to R2 and L2 it comes to a stop in the (sweet spot). unplugimg controller stops the issue. as soons as its plugged back in issue instantly returns. Even if all button functions are unmapped the spinning and R2 & L2n still react the same way. I am a HUGE Fromsoftware fan and have been dying to play DS3 Convergence if anyone could give me some input as to how i can get controller function to work I would be VERY grateful. Again sorry for any inconvenience and i appreciate the amazing hospitality from the community and even more so to all those who took time away from life to allow us to enjoy such AMAZING THINGS and hard swork you've put into what you do, Happy Hunting Hollows and bless you all. Kasper
  23. Hello, my problem with the cinder mod, is that when I roll to avoid it, it rolls but as if I were with heavy equipment, I already tried unequipping everything and it still rolls but I still have the same problem, any help please
  24. I've played it and can say it's worth it! Even though I haven't played it, I recommend it! duck life
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