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Need help with the quest "Trapped on a Nameless World"

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I refused to help The One right away so they all attacked  me and I killed them.  I found the only surviving elder and talked to him.  Afterwards, my quest now says, "Star Forge System: You've rescued a Rakata being held prisoner by the One. Now that he's been saved, it is likely his tribe - the Elders - will help you find a way off this world. You should go speak to them in their enclave near the Temple of the Ancients."  I've cleared all the maps on this planet that are currently open to me and I have no idea where the "enclave" is.  I found the Temple but the front door is still blocked with an energy shield.  I ran over to the obelisk and killed the Mandalorians, got their leader's head but since The One's encampment is empty, I can't do that side quest.  I found a map maker in another area named "Red Encampment" or something but that has lightning between the statues that prevent me from entering that place.  Now I'm just running in circles without a clue as to what to do next.  Any help?


PS:  The only mod I'm running is The Comprehensive Kotor Bug fix Collection.  Which didn't fix my issue of messengers not showing up for companion quests.  I don't care about that anymore, I just want to beat the game since it's the first time I have played it.




Edit:  Sigh, "lightning between the statues that prevent me from entering that place" except the very front where you walk in and talk to a hologram...……..


Ignore this thread.  I'm an idiot.

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