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I need help.

bug thieves guild help quest bugged new player

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Posted this on reddit but either nobody read it, or cared enough to respond:

I was using Localized Thieves Guild Jobs (Non update version) for Whiterun, everything went smoothly got the special job, went to solitude (This was before becoming a nightingale), I have then done jobs in Solitude (Also ones that i had to complete under 24/48 hours) until I had 9 jobs completed. No special jobs. I didnt know what to do so I started it console commands and completed it. Went to windhelm, 9 jobs later, nothing. I was so f***ing tired of just constantly doing console commands that I tried the "patched version" or updated or whatever the hell the author calls it. Now every single damn time I go to Delvin I can say that I have completed the special jobs in Solitude and Whiterun. I thought that maybe uninstalling the mod would help but nope, it made it worse. Now I cant even complete a job. I go to Delvin/Vex, they say "Here is your coin" and I dont get nothing! And when I want to start a new one it doesn't, the old one doesnt complete itself. Is there any way I can fix this?

Much thanks.

EDIT 1: https://streamable.com/u0oow

EDIT 2: My load order, mods without numbers infront of them are mods that are disabled in SKSE (Improved towns and villages because they ate up my CPU)


EDIT 3: Completely uninstalled Localized Thieves guild jobs, The quests now start fine but do not complete correctly, (Both quitting and completing them doesn't work)

Is there something i can like do? Change some parameters in skyrim, bloody hell i will gladly learn to code or to work in creation kit to fix this s***



EDIT: Also before anyone asks: I am using both nexus and steam workshop, I am using LOOT and it doesn't show any problems there, I am launching my game through SKSE. Only way I can finish a job is setstage [quest ID] 200, other ways did not work for now (Tried talking to quit, didn't quit, after which i could start another job > 2 jobs were active at the same time from the same person)

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Sometimes, the only thing you can do is uninstall the mod and go back to a save from before you installed it.  One of the big problems with using console commands to finish a quest is that the game may not register the quest is finished.  So, I'm afraid that your save is borked at this point, unless you have an earlier save.

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