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Looking for a solution to a problem

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So I want to pick up the Witcher again, but I want to find a solution to something that really irked me when playing.

Problem: I want to explore the entire world without having to come back later because of high-level monsters.


I had heard of a mod that removes the level system entirely, setting all monsters to a fixed difficulty slightly higher than what Geralt's stats are fixed at. However I have no leads on this mod. If anyone knows about this mod or another mod that would solve the same problem, I'd appreciate the help.




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If you:

1) are a hardcore gamer, choose Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition, this will be hard but satifying. No leveling system what so ever. Skill progression is tied to what you use.

2) like more of vanilla experience, Use Ghost Mode and set Enemy scaling to Match and tweak difficulty for your taste.

3) want JUST enemyscaling and not anything else use ESGO - Enemy Scaling and Gameplay Overhaul

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