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Is this user your employee or fan?

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1. We notice that they are certain people on Nexus that blindly goes around saying "weird" stuff when users voice out their issues.


2. We are not ungrateful, we actually endorse most of the mods we are using.


3. Sometimes the issues we do notice are severe enough, we just voice out.


4. If this person is your employee, please ask him to do homework (which we suspect is either your website's employee or fan).


5. Our comments on Nexus = 90 percent supportive or endorsing, 10 percent = we are using the mod and sees some problems.


6. Your "supporters" should refrain from making senseless or trolling comments (that further inflame the situation and makes people give up on "replaying" the game).


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Some people are more passionate than others. And sometimes it does feel a little like "locals only! Eff off".


Sometimes you could even suspect some people for fiercely protecting a corner of the marked that they happened to stake first.


But mostly it just boils down to passion. And annoyance from being asked the same thing a millionth time.


My  guess is that new people will always show up because modding is a fun hobby, so they just have too suck it up and work towards getting the process streamlined, because that is the only way to get rid of stupid questions. And please, for the love of all that is holy, will you guys and gals please settle on a manager?


Let the last word be passion.



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If you think a user is breaking the rules or generally being unpleasant we would prefer it if you reported them so staff can take a look. 

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