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Requesting edit of a small mod involving stealing.

pickpocket stealing edit sneak agility live grenade who likes short shorts

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The way this functions is that it changes game settings related to pickpocketing whenever the game is opened that makes stealing 100% every time. I don't like the base game's chances, I don't like 100%. I believe the ability to steal almost anything at 100 sneak with 10 agility would be balanced and I have no idea how to set that.
Conversely, if someone told me how to edit this small esp file, I could take care of it.

Opening in notepad shows this:
TES4A                  HEDR ï¾ï½£p?   ァ  CNAM DEFAULT MAST
 Fallout3.esm DATA         GRUPï¾   GMST        O      GMST%       /ã»        EDID fPickPocketMaxChance DATA   ï¾BGMST%       ヲ        EDID fPickPocketMinChance DATA   ï¾BGMST*       -ã»        EDID fPickPocketActorSkillMult DATA   ï¾B

If whomever responds chooses to make the mod edits for me, I'd like something like this:
Not sure how exactly skill mult works. I don't know what the default skill mult is, but maybe something like 2-5 times that. Maybe 100 is the right number, it could just be that the 100% chance is due solely to the min and max chance being 100%. Who can say? (Someone who knows how to read these files can.)
Skill mult: 70-100
Min chance: 5%
Max chance: 100%

Figured out how to change it via fo3edit.

Edited by Cresix96, 11 June 2019 - 05:16 AM.

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