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REQ: Level 2 Teleport Puzzle Bug Fix

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Heya Modders...

I'd do this myself, but I dont have access to the BETA Mod Tools. I dont use Steam, and likely never will ( boo DRM, support GoG.com ).

Anywayz, as some of you may know the Teleport puzzle on Level 2 has a timer glitch. The timer seems to be strict, and on slower machines it is impossible to make the dash backwards thru the puzzle. ( push button, teleport is off, dash backwards, teleport is back on, and poof teleport to wrong side, push button again, dash backwards, etc. etc. etc. ) The common solve is to lower the visual settings, and resolution of your game, and thus give yourself a little more time vs. the render engine. I know many people have had success with this, but unfortunately not me. I have been playing on my laptop with an Optimus GFX system ( intel integrated for most appz, Nvidia 310M for games ).

So please, be a hero... Make a mod that will address this game stopping bug for the poor and down trotted. People with crap computers will write Klingon operas about your valiant efforts ( LOL ).

Thanks in Advance.




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Unfortunately you can't alter the original dungeon with the editor. When the devs made the game they didn't have an editor, instead they 'scripted' the whole dungeon with the programming language they use. That's why the editor can't read the original dungeon. All you can do is ask the devs to fix this somehow, I think a general code fix would be the best way to do this anyway since otherwise you will run into the same problem while playing custom dungeons eventually.

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