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The Exile - A Companion NPC Mod

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I got an idea for a companion NPC mod that I have just started making. Yes, I know. I made a couple of mods before, both of which are not very impressive. Wearable Vault 101 Jumpsuits, extra damage for Throwing Knives -- boring to some. And I've made empty promises, mostly because my previous ideas were without any form of inspiration. However, I have decided to try out something having more depth in creativity. I wanted to learn how to create a companion NPC from scratch. After finding a few tutorial videos on YouTube, I have created the NPC and now scripting it.


This companion NPC is named "The Exile". A silent character, and their gender and race are unknown (even though I'm using a male Caucasian as a stand-in template). The best thing about power armor in any of the Fallout games is that it is gender neutral, meaning the shape of the armor does not get changed by the character's gender (ex. you know how the vault jumpsuits change in shape due to the fact that they are skin-tight). The character will also be completely mute. Besides not talking, they won't make any other sounds. Otherwise, that would defeat the purpose of concealing all elements of their identity. The Exile will wear the Brotherhood Outcast T-45d Power Armor. Unfortunately, however, I cannot legally release the mod with the Outcast Power Helmet texture from Fallout 3. That will have to be released elsewhere or extracted from Fallout 3 by whoever downloads the mod. Simply put, I don't want to get banned from Nexus because I broke the rules. Anyway, the Exile will have a modified Gauss Rifle and a Super Sledge as their default weapons, with the unlimited ammo that the existing companions use. They will also have a Pip-Boy 3000, but not the Pip-Boy Glove since that would show the skin and nails on their fingers. All of the items will be NOT playable, meaning you can't remove the helmet to see the person wearing it.


Enough of me jabbering, you probably want more details than that. Well, okay. The Exile is a mysterious character. Besides just them, there will also be holotapes scattered across the Mojave Wasteland with details suggesting that the Exile is actually the Lone Wanderer, the player character from Fallout 3. Another possible hint is the fact that the Exile's Pip-Boy will have a photograph of Sarah Lyons' face on it. The inspiration to my idea for this mod is The Judge from Far Cry: New Dawn, who used to be the customized player character from Far Cry 5 but now has no identity to show. The holotapes themselves will have story elements, some of which are elements from Fallout 3 that were canonized by Fallout 4 (ex. Project Purity is saved, the Brotherhood Outcasts are reintegrated into the Brotherhood of Steel after Arthur Maxson takes over, and the Citadel is not destroyed).


Everyone will still be able to use their imagination on what karma and decisions their characters from Fallout 3 went by. Nothing will stand in the way of that. The question I asked after learning about the Brotherhood of Steel's story in Fallout 4 was...what happened to the Lone Wanderer? Where are they? Since the Brotherhood does not wish to have any affairs with outsiders, I thought maybe it's possible that they "exiled" the Lone Wanderer after the deaths of Owyn and Sarah Lyons.

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