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My Skyrim SE Load Order (XB1)

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I like my load order but I literally have no space to download more mods so any tips (like mods i should remove, add, check out, etc.) would be greatly appreciated thanks! Also feel free to use my load order if you'd like. Thanks in advance homeslices. Also if any of the mods listed as work in progress (WIP) come out of WIP if you could let me know so I could change that thanks:)


p.s. if you are tryna use this load order I highly suggest going to bethesda.net on your computer and logging into your acc to look up all of these mods and then favorite them so when you get on Skyrim u can just download all your favorited mods and not have to go through the hassle of looking them all up with your controller cuz ew




Category 1:

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch


Cat. 2

Graphics Pack

Graphics Pack Assets 1

Graphics Pack Assets 2

Graphics Pack Add on- SMIM Performance

Ruins Clutter Improved

High Poly Project

Graphics Pack HPP patch

Rustic Lands Vivid

Skyland Towns and Villages

Skyland Imperial Forts & Dungeons

Caves “Dungeons” T4Gt...

Mines “Dungeons” T4Gt…

Nordic Tombs and Ruins “Dungeons” T4Gt…

Divine Cities

Immersive sounds 

Reverb and Ambiance


Cat. 3

Faction: Pit Fighter

Faction: Pit Fighter - Travels add-on


Cat. 4 Obsidian Weathers (Seasons On, Sunlight Reduction to 100%)

True Storms

Obsidian and TS patch- Spectral Version

Minty’s Lightning

Better Skies


Cat. 6

Shadow Knight
Breezehome TNF

Small Breezehome Animal Pens

Shelter for the Weak

Unique Bridges of Skyrim


Cat. 7

Divine Forests

Leafeaters Solitude

HD ivy

Falling Gildergreen Petals 

Lush Overhaul

Dense Grass

Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods

Skyrim is Windy


Cat. 8

Athletik combat

Better combat AI


Cat. 9

Immersive Citizens

Splendor Dragons

Rich Merchants of Skyrim

Realistic Conversations

Capable Housecarls


Cat. 10

Northfire’s Photoreal Mountains 

Lockpicking Interface Redone

Septims HD

Smoking Torches

Dogs Now Huskies xbone

Prismatic Insects of Skyrim 

More Blood and Gore

Enhanced Blood Textures

Better Blood Splatters

Enhanced Blood Textures Darker

Design of the Nords

Display Enhancements (+2 saturation +1 red tint, +1 contrast) *I keep screen brightness in game settings to about 60% bright, but your display might be different)

Dynamically Disable Eye Adaptation (enabled) and Bloom (disabled)


Cat. 11

Quieter Dungeons and Caves

Skyrim Music


Cat. 12

Dragon Remains

Sovngarde Font Replacer Bold

Gregorian Skyrim Calendar


Cat. 14

Texture Tweaks-Female Face Edits

Better Looking Khajit

BIG: Ultimate Kills

TK Children

R246 Female Presets

Natural Eyes

Superior Lore Friendly Hair

Bonus Argonian skin tones

Teeth of Skyrim

Draugr Horrific Textures

Skeleton Retexture- bloody


Cat. 15

Armor and Clothes Overhaul

Practical Armours

Fashions of the 4th Era

Variations: fashions of the 4th Era patch (WIP)

Variations: Armour and Clothing Recolours - Elven dark (alternate elven blades)(WIP)

Variations: Thalmor(WIP)

Black Redgaurd Hood

Chainmail hoods

Ahzidal Armor Truly Unique

AC Crusader Armor

Improved Closedfaced Helmets By Navida1 (Official) 

Additional Lore Weapons

Heavy Armory New Weapons

Skyrim SE Expanded Skyrim weaponry

Royal Armory

Old Kingdom Weapons

Old Kingdom Weapons - USSEP Patch

Old Kingdom - Crafting add-on

White Robes

Dawngaurd Hood

Black Leather Sheath


Cat. 16

Alternate Start

Luminosity Lighting Overhaul

Luminous Atronachs

Wearable Lanterns


Cat. 19

Better Horses

Creatures and Food Realistic

Realistic Wildlife Behavior

Milk Your Cows mod

Divine Lanterns

Lanterns and Candles SE

Immersive Upgrade Leveled Items 

Unenchanted Light Ebony Armor

Mystic Condenser

Treebalance - Smithing Tree

Dynamic Dungeon Loot

Soldier On-No More Lazy Jarls


Bounty Perks

No Radial Blur

masks with hoods no armor

Archery Tweaks Plus

XP32 Maximum Skeleton

Tweaked Arrows and Bolts

SkyHUD - Rebellion Preset

Increased Mining Resources x3

Hearthfire Display Case Fix

Craftable Linen Wrap

Dragonplate Crown - A TAOS supplemental mod

zero weight ingots and ores

light leather

Lighter Chaurus Chitin - A TAOS supplemental mod

Lighter Firewood - A TAOS supplemental mod

Logging Skyrim

Detailed Mine Markers

Skyrim Map Markers

A Quality World Map - Vivid w/ stone roads

Realistic Water Two


Color patches remover




My load order is highly based off of the load order made by Gone Turbo on Youtube. I highly suggest you go check him out  :yes:



Go check out all the awesome mod authors that made these amazing mods here: 



Btw if anyones good with blender hmu cuz i need sum emotional support  :wallbash:

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You might want to try this Discord: https://discord.gg/BD5NnUA

They specialize in Xbox SE load orders. 


Just introduce yourself and tell then I sent you. 




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pretend this comment is deleted lol

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You might want to try this Discord: https://discord.gg/BD5NnUA

They specialize in Xbox SE load orders. 


Just introduce yourself and tell then I sent you. 


Awesome, thanks! I mostly was just posting this on here for people who maybe don't know where to start with their load order as well as some suggestions but I'll check it out for sure.

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