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Immersive assignable slavery furniture for settlements

immersion npcs settlements

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Would it be possible for an awesome modder, and all around good egg, to create some furniture, which settlers can be permenantly assigned to.

This is primarily for anyone who plays as a raider / mad max style, general not nice guy, type character.

It would be usefull and immersive for these scallywag type characters who have slaves / hostages in their settlements to have assignable furniture which uses certain poses which fit the part, for example, chairs, beds, bed frames, tables or any piece of furniture which npcs can be tied to. Also furniture mats which contain poses such as the generic bound hostage animation, nps bound and lying on their back, front and side. Prisoner shackles, posts which npcs can be tied to, either standing, with their arms over their heads or behind the post behind their back, or kneeling against it.

Obviously it would need to stay SFW, but i would't mind if it was a tiny little bit NSFW ;) ( just don't tell anyone)

Please note, i understand how this idea may sound like a certain category of NSFW content, but this is NOT what i'm looking for, i'm looking for something immersive and complimentary to FO lore.

Plus, with reference to the bethesda.net ToS, sexually explicit content is defined in the dictionary (googles at least) as any content which shows nudity or intercourse, what i'm asking for has none of this, therefore it IS safe for work.

Please could it also be made available on XB1

Thanks for your time.

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