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Is there any way to fix this game?

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Good evening everybody!


I just bought FarCry5 a few days ago (mainly because it was on sale and I thought "why not?").

The first thing that I noticed was that you couldn't "save" the game manually. That is weird, but ok.

Eventually I died for the first time and that was when I noticed that some weird stuff is going on:


I had just rescued a guy from the cultists, walked a little bit and encountered another group of cultists, which killed me.

After the game reloaded I was about where I died. I looked back to the sport where I just rescued the guy and he was there again.


At first I thought that the game didn't "save" the fact that I "cleared" that "random encounter point". So I rescued him again.

But after walking a bit (~50 m) I looked back and that encounter had "respwaned".


That was when I realised that the "respwan time" for those encounters was really really short.

As soon as you walk 30 or 40 m away from a place like that, it resets itself.


What the ####?


I mean this game has been out for quiet a while so I thought that a bug like that should have been fixed.

That was when I searched around on the internet and I learned that this was indeed a real problem.



This just makes the game "unplayable" for me.

I mean I like that game, the landscape is nice and all, but this is just .....

It makes me feel like I don't make a difference in the in-game-world, and I don't like that feeling (the time playing seems like wasted time).


But how can we (or I myself) fix this issue?

I am used to playing / modding games like Skyrim or Fallout where the official development tools are available.

There is no such tool for this game.

So is there anything that can be done to fix thsi problem (or do I just have to accept the fact that it is another game that would be great if not for one of two things)?


It really would be nice if anybody could answer this question.

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