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Mighty Morthal mod


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Mighty Morthal


by MightyNINE


Dude, love the mod, however I wish you had enabled comments, 'cause alot of comments can be positive. Like Mine.


I see there's a new updated version. I will go ahead and uninstall the old one, and install the new one. But I wanted to mention, I had no issues with the first rls. The npc's all looked the same way they did in the Video, in my game. I have Apachii hair (all).. And don't have any mods that would affect the faces, except Bijin NPC's (AIO 2019).. And I don't think that would affect your NPC's? NPC's you added looked just like the vid for me. No issue.


The first couple times i talked to the NPC's they had no sale dialogue.. But after talking to all of them, the dialog was there. Everything else, is good.


Thanks again for an excellent mod adding good, needed things to this town, and the game in general. I have a reason to go to Morthal now on occasion!


Hopefully, some will see this, check it out, and comment.



Edit: Ok, I did go back in game and check and what I found was some neck seams. Guess I missed that. I kinda prefer the .bsa's. But, I'll install the new one and see what happens.

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This sort of thing needs to go on the forum or post page of the mod itself where it will be seen by those who are interested.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: comments

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