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Making a button that gives a quest [HELP!]

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Currently trying to build a mod that sort of acts as a fix for the frustrating glitch that can occur during the Dawnguard questline.


Essentially, after refusing Harkon's gift at Castle Volkihar, he banishes you and teleports the player outside of the castle near the boat. Normally, the player would receive a prompt to "Speak with Isran". However, on my most recent play through, I never got this prompt. After some frantic fast travelling to try and figure out what happened, I lost my saves allowing me to go back before the encounter with Harkon.


So, after some research I found that this is a fairly common glitch, and that there's no real fix for it besides loading a previous save. Hence, I have decided to create a mod that is just a simple button near Fort Dawnguard. When it is pressed, the next quest in the Dawnguard questline "A New Order" will be given to the player.


 At the moment, my knowledge of CK extends to being able to place simple objects and make cells. There's not a whole lot of guides that offer help for the specific situation that I am looking to remedy, and right now, I'm just using trial-and-error within the editor to see what might work. Looking for any help or advice on doing this!


(or if you think what I'm doing is crazy impossible, let me know as well)


For reference, all I've done so far is get the render window inside Fort Dawnguard, and I've placed the button I like in the game world. Not sure what to do next.

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You need to attach a script to the button.


You'll need to use the OnActivate event, check for the target quest to not be running and start it. You should also check to make sure that the previous quest is at the correct stage before allowing the button to start the target quest.  After the target quest gets started, should probably disable / delete the button so that no user tries to press the button again and potentially screw things up further.


Not familiar with the precise setup between those quests, so I don't want to offer up any code that could end up being functionally incorrect for the specific situation.

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