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  1. Open up the staging folder for the mod in Window's File Explorer, right click on the file and choose to rename it.
  2. xEdit is the overall name used for the singular program also known as TES5Edit, SSEEdit, FO4Edt, etc.. It is not to be confused with a completely unrelated program called XEdit. And yes, the load order will change when you modify the header flag of a plugin. Why? You are telling the game and the Creation Kit that the plugin is an ESM rather than an ESP. This means that it will load in the ESM space rather than the ESP space. And when you revert the flag for testing, the ESP will go back to the ESP space but its position won't suddenly be where it was, instead it will shift down to the top of the ESP space. Backup your load order related text files if you wish so that you can restore them after reverting any ESP parent masters back into ESP flagged plugins.
  3. Unfortunately, vendors deal in gold as a currency. That is a hardcoded setting. Thinking outside the box... A separate object or NPC that the player interacts with could prompt pre-defined value options for a specific recipe that could then be used in conjunction with SKSE's SetNthIngredientQuantity function. That function would change the required quantity of the specified ingredient. The result quantity could be modified with SKSE's SetResultQuantity. But, again, the recipe being modified needs to be known and it must be adjusted prior to the workstation being activated. And to make things more difficult there is no method by which to determine what recipe(s) an object is an ingredient of without first knowing the recipes to scan. And without modifications to the menu / dialog system, a slider wouldn't be possible. So... let's just say, not impossible but it has a snowball's chance of surviving inside the sun.
  4. Is there not a way to make use of the font while it is inside the already included fonts_en.swf file?
  5. Your posted script stops the quest after all conditions are checked but it is outside of the condition blocks. This means that first run of the script will stop the quest even if that particular run does not match your conditions. Here is a variation that should do what you are wanting: Scriptname AAFahrnymphGiveSpellScript extends Quest Spell Property AAConjureWolfIllusion Auto quest property LevelUpQuest Auto Race property AAFahrnymphRace Auto Event OnStoryIncreaseLevel (int aiNewLevel) Debug.notification("AAFahrnymphGiveSpellScript has detected the player has leveled up to level: "+aiNewLevel + "!") If !(Game.Getplayer().GetRace() == AAFahrnymphRace) ; not matching race - stop quest LevelUpQuest.stop() Else If (aiNewLevel >=10 && !Game.GetPlayer().HasSpell(AAConjureWolfIllusion)) ; greater than or equal to 10 and does not have spell - give spell Game.GetPlayer().AddSpell(AAConjureWolfIllusion) LevelUpQuest.stop() ; got the spell - stop quest EndIf EndIf Endevent Now you do want to make sure that your properties are filled and that you are testing on a new game or one that has not seen your mod. The purpose of that is to ensure that the data is loaded fresh and nothing in the save file is getting in the way of any adjustments.
  6. What was written is intended for use in a papyrus script and not the console. Since SetPlayerKnows is an SKSE provided function, I doubt that there is a console equivalent.
  7. When you toggle a plugin's ESP / ESM status, it will change its location in the load order. This in turn will change your loadorder.txt and plugins.txt. There is nothing nefarious going on. This will happen despite the tool used (Wrye Bash or xEdit). To toggle an ESP into an ESM for purposes of using it as a parent master: xEdit directions: Load the intended parent master ESP in xEdit Expand the plugin and access the File Header section In the Record Header (on the right side), right click on Record Flags Choose ESM Close xEdit and save the changes. At this point you can now use that plugin as a parent master with the Creation Kit. Repeat with any other plugins as necessary. When finished or when testing, reverse the record flag setting on all toggled plugins and correct your load order as necessary. If at any point a patch is loaded in the CK without a parent master being toggled as ESM, those associated changes will be lost or turned into new records should the plugin be saved in the CK.
  8. When you create files such as voice and face gen files with the CK, they will be placed in a sub folder named after the plugin that they are associated with. The reason for this is because it is potentially possible that two separate mods might have records with the same relative ID number (i.e. the portion of the ID that corresponds with the record and not the plugin). All you need to do, if you haven't, is re-name the folder to match the new name for your mod.
  9. You can skip having a property for your quest. Within the fragment you will need to setup something like this (example pulled from my Random Mining MCM mod where I did not want to add properties to the script) abim_RM_MCM_QuestScript MCMScript = (Game.GetFormFromFile(0x00000D62,"Random Mining MCM.esp") as Quest) as abim_RM_MCM_QuestScript Then call your external function as you are already doing.
  10. Okay, then since no one has given you an answer that you like. Perhaps it is time to look into the game engine to see if you can figure out how to shorten the load time yourself. After all, that is how mods are made. See something you want different and make it if it hasn't been done already.
  11. ENB was meant for taking screenshots. It is too much of an FPS hog for any serious game play. I'd say, turn it off unless you are willing to wait the time it takes to load. Also, why do you have missing mods? You shouldn't be loading saves that are missing a mod when testing. Always go back to a truly clean save that never saw the mod to begin with. As far as speeding things up in-game, if a legit start up is needed, Alternate Start: Live Another Life is a good mod to use. If just popping into a location to see if something is properly positioned or behaves correctly when activated, use COC in the console at the main menu to jump to a specific location. As far as the rest, you'll have to ask the developers why they coded it the way they did. Pretty sure it might speed up if there were no graphics or music to load at the main menu.
  12. COC from the main menu: Open the console (~ key), enter COC followed by a cell name (i.e. COC Riverwood) This would port the basic player character to the designated location. It can be useful during testing. Glad you were able to solve your situation.
  13. Are you testing on a new game or using COC from the main menu? If not, the cells in question may not have updated to reflect the added keyword. And if you are, I do not see why it would not be giving the proper notification.
  14. If you set up a prefix in the Creation Kit (File Menu > Preference > Script tab > enter a four-character prefix), whenever you create a fragment script, the CK will automatically apply the prefix. This may be helpful in the future to keep track of your script fragment files.
  15. Any parameter that has a default value can be skipped unless a later parameter is being given a value. For example, the base game function RemoveItem is defined as follows: RemoveItem(Form akItemToRemove, int aiCount = 1, bool abSilent = false, ObjectReference akOtherContainer = None) If someone just wants to take an item from the player and get rid of it, Player.RemoveItem(theObject, 1) works just fine. But if they want to take that item and store it in a container, then they must also include a value for the abSilent parameter even if it is the same as the default value, Player.RemoveItem(theObject, 1, false, theContainer) That said, the question is about custom added functions. Every use that I have done has had a value passed into each parameter and so I cannot specify with certainty one way or the other. What I can tell you is that with regards to some SKSE provided functions and events all parameters must be included in the call even if some of them will not actually be used. This then would lend credence to the requirement to have something for each parameter of a custom function call. In other words, be safe and go add the third parameter to the older function calls.
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