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  1. There is no issue if you build your mod from scratch using your own assets. What I would do since your mod did come from shared aspects of a mod yet to be released is credit them as the source of inspiration for your take on the topic and even link to their mod in case users wish to compare versions. You can drop a line and let the other author know what you are doing out of respect.
  2. Here are some brief instructions on getting and setting property variables from a quest script. The same process is used for functions. https://ck.uesp.net/wiki/Variables_and_Properties#Getting_Properties_of_a_Quest_Script Also see the Getting Properties From Any Other Script section further down in case the other methods do not work.
  3. For actors other than the player, you can use OnCombatStateChanged For the player, you'll just have to check every so often with GetCombatState or IsInCombat And if you need condition functions for a spell / magic effect rather than a script there is GetCombatState and IsInCombat
  4. This is both true of LE and SE, in the main game folder (where the Skyrim EXE lives) there are multiple INI files. One of these INI files is called ultra.ini. This file contains the ultra settings used by the launcher to apply them to the Skyrimprefs.ini file. Might at least be worth a look to see if adjusting those values does what you want.
  5. Since those water planes shouldn't be there, use the console to go into free camera / movement, go up to the water plane, and click on it while the console is open. See if you can get an ID number. Double check that ID number in xEdit with your entire active load order. Confirm first that it is for the water plane and then you should be able to see what mod places the water plane above Whiterun. Once you know the mod, you can test a new game without that mod installed. If all goes well, the water plane will be gone, but you will have one less mod to play with. I, personally, have not encountered this issue. Thus I cannot say what would actually have caused this.
  6. Wrye Bash has a saves tab where it will list all the saves in the default save location. Highlighting a save will list all the plugins that were in use on that save file. While you could use that list to seek out the necessary plugins, it would be impossible to know which non-plugin mods were also in use. If you were to find all the necessary plugins, you may find that the save will load and the game function without issue. And yet, the eye-candy (loose meshes and textures) might not be what you remember.
  7. A mod modifying the MineOreScript file should not be the cause. This bug happens without mods as well. Whatever the cause, for most players, exiting the ore vein with a movement key and re-activating it tends to work.
  8. Unfortunately, I do not know. I have not yet allowed Steam to update to the latest version. I would guess that the source would be included with the Creation Kit's corresponding update which I haven't bothered to do yet either.
  9. Never seen any such thing in the game or within any of the testing cells. However, such a thing was never on my radar to look out for. So... Who knows? *shrug*
  10. Carryweight is an actor value. Thus ModActorValue should do the job. That said, if your "potion" is used from within the inventory, the UI will not update until re-opening the inventory.
  11. The quotes were a carry-over from my example(s). They were inserted by error. I was looking at how I did things on other mods and wasn't paying close enough attention. I'll go back and fix them so no one else gets confused on that.
  12. You used the variation of the script with the OnEquipped event. That will not work with consumables. You will need to use the variation I posted with the OnEffectStart event.
  13. You keep trying to 100% the displays. I think that is your downfall. Don't worry about the displays. Just play the game and let the ones you can get come naturally. It also doesn't hurt to set up a separate profile and not use LotD for a while and try different things.
  14. For a consumable it would be a magic effect applied to the potion, poison, food, drink, or ingredient. The magic effect would have a script attached which would be very similar to the one I already posted. To answer your other question, you can attach my previous example to any object that the player can pick up. And any such object can utilize whatever mesh you wish to use. In a couple of my mods, I have used the alchemy satchel mesh and one mod I used a satchel mesh that was cut from an existing set of stock armor. You would create a new misc object and assign the NIF file that you want to use. You may need to duplicate the NIF file and make adjustments to it so that the player could drop it and not have the item bounce all over the place or remain stuck in mid-air.
  15. Alternatively, if the object is a custom one, you can put a script directly on the base object that uses the OnEquipped event. A basic example that could be modified for your needs: This will prompt the "This item cannot be equipped" message should the item not be a piece of armor or a weapon. However, the script will still process anything in the OnEquipped event.
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