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Getting a vendor to sell items to player laying on counter.

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So I've been trying hard to make a vendor that will sell items to the player from both the chest and the items on the counter in which the npc stands near. In skyrim for example belethor the merchant in whiterun has items available on his counter that if you take them without buying you steal them, and if you buy the item through belethors inventory then the item will disappear and put in the players inventory as if he actually bought it. I figured out if in the fallout 4 creation kit in the vendor tab if you check "Buy and Sell everything not in list" then the player can buy stuff around the vendor. But to do this the vendor has to have the items set to the vendors faction or belong to the cell owners for it to be marked as steal when glancing over it. But my problem is that even when you buy the item through the vendor the game still counts it as stealing and then has the vendor attack the player. Is there something I'm missing or was this only a thing possible in skyrim?


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This was actually doable in the Gamebryo Fallout games as well, it just wasn't used much if at all, instead favoring dedicated Merchant containers.


It's possible they broke this behavior and its just no longer a thing. Previously, items would update their ownership when traded, which evidentially isn't happening anymore.

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