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  1. Mister House screen-texture replacers - Because memes. Anything put in the Quests and Adventures category - This has always been the case, but I think now more than ever given that releases in the category have been slow for a while. Vanilla Quest Modifications are also a trend I've noticed picking up in the last few years. (And I really think they, like translations, should really be in their own category.) Something something Enclave - Because some people are really weird about how much they like the enclave.
  2. Companions Command and Control is pretty much the best option for this and more. It's not really "modern" but it's the most solid companion functionality mod and no one has tried changing that.
  3. Navmesh gizmos are affected by the cell's imagespace- make sure that isn't the issue by temporarily setting it to default.
  4. Quick and Auto saves are just saves- if you don't have a save prior to the npc's death, than you're SOL.
  5. I can make people laugh and cringe; I specifically like writing most in the context of a PC/NPC interaction, and modding a bethesda-engine game is the easiest In you could ask for because it comes with a built-in audience. I also like the game itself, but if there's something that nags me, or if I just have "Y'know it'd be cool if..." moment, I can make it an actual thing and make my own experience better, and also share those ideas with others.
  6. Address Library doesn't totally remove version dependencies for some mods. They themselves will need to be updated.
  7. I've only ever experienced something like this as an apparent glitch from using Increased Wasteland Spawns. Are these npcs placed ahead of time in the geck or spawned mid-game via script? Either way my best guess is you're hitting some kind of memory limit in the engine.
  8. Oh I quite liked these. Reading the first story especially, I'm really liking the potential of the campaign's story being framed as a sort of oral legend or tall tale. I was planning on creating a discord server, but we could talk shop directly for now if you'd like; My id is listed right there below my profile pic.
  9. I roleplay my PC design a lot more than min-maxing. Although technically it's very optimal at avoiding excess and achieving the character I like to play. Starting Special is S5 P10 E3 C8 I6 5A L3. Strength is mid cause I generally stay out of melee range and I like looting smarter than harder; the Pack Rat perk is also a mainstay on this character. Perception varies between 9-10- 90% for roleplay reasons. I see this character as being more cunning and streetwise than booksmart, which is what a lot of perception checks imply. Endurance cause it's really not that game changing, especially for how I play. Charisma is again, mostly roleplay. I see this character as much the opposite of a socially stunted weirdo, so they have a higher level in this attribute. (I also use my own rebalance mod which gives Companions a carry weight modifier based on charisma, and Charisma Tweaks on top of that, so it's certainly more of a proper attribute in my game.) Intelligence. Like I said, this PC is more streetsmart. I also think you really don't need *that many* skillpoints. Especially if you plan on getting Comprehension., as I do on this character. ( I even get Retention!) Agility, I use guns, and a lot of guns are crippled by reload speed, so I want to keep that attribute average at worst. Luck. Would you trust an engineer that relies on luck? Tag skills are Barter, Repair, and Guns. I like crafting. Barter helps me manage supplies, repair lets me build stuff, and I like the variety of Handloader+Guns more than Vigilant Recycler+Energy. (Though with a 50 level cap, I see no reason not to have both eventually, for fun!) Secondary Skills: Science, Explosives. Crafting/Perk Requirements. Weapons of Choice: Lil Devil + JHP rounds for RAW DAMAGE. Light Machine Gun for AP/Mop-up. (Sometimes I'll swap this for an Automatic Rifle even though it's technically awful, for fun!) Various Mad Bomber/crafted explosives, for fun! Key Perks: Pack Rat for keeping crafting supplies light and hoardable. Handloader/Vigilant Recycler. The most practically useful crafting perks- provides strong benefits to a lot of weapons. Weapon Handling. Gets a lot of favored weapons down to a STR requirement of 6/7, which I'll eventually meet through either wearing power armor and/or from OWB cybernetics. Long Haul. Gives you effectively infinite carry weight for the purpose of returning to base for Crafting/Bartering. Mad Bomber, for fun! Comprehension. I don't necessarily consider this "key" to the build, but I always get it on this character since it helps round out teritiary skills like Survival and allows a lot more advanced crafting in the early game.
  10. So like, every "Game-Sized"/"DLC-Sized" mod that tries to get made wants to emulate the bethesda model of a massive open-world sandbox with a hundred quests, thousands of lines, and a dozen-dozen hours of gameplay. Instead of attempting to commit 10 years of our lives on a project like that, what if we tried scaling back to a mission-based structure, 10-12 segmented levels or so, totaling maybe 4-6 hours of gameplay (not including dialogue/cutscenes/intermissions.)? Put another way, kinda like what Fallout: Tactics was to Fallout. This sounds like your average "big quest mod", on the level of a someguy experience, but that's kinda the point- "big quest mods" would be relatively easy for a team to make in a shorter amount of time, but the TC angle still provides the opportunity to tell a wholly independent story with gameplay that doesn't need to fit in with the New Vegas setting and rules. The skills I would bring to this table are Content Implementation (Scripting, Quests, Events, Progression, Cutscenes, NPC design, etc) Level design. (Gameplay spaces; clutter, Encounter design. Interiors, Navmeshing.) Mechanics. (gameplay systems to fit the mod's smaller scale.) QA (Time to spend on bugfixing, Content Scrutiny/Polish) Supplementary Writing. (Additional NPC/PC dialogue, Notes, Message/Examine text) Music (maybe). Voice Acting/Directing. Some of my published mods and a few videos of mine as a portfolio of sorts: Mods: The High Roller The Axe Man Fives Aces (Lol, but people still seem to like it.) Videos: Level design & music sample Navmeshing (same level as the above.) Character Writing / "Cutscene" scripting. Player Character Generation Concept. Skills I'd like to work with: Lead Writer. (Someone who can give the story a compelling beginning, middle, and end, and able to define places the story should take us.) Small-Scale Worldspace creation. (Someone knowledgeable with or otherwise able to parse the black magic inherent to this part of the geck.) At least one partner to work together with in my own areas of competency. (Particularly Content Implementation and Level Design). I think there's a lot of potential with this concept and would love to work together with others to make it happen.
  11. Yeah, thats true, and I hope for much a better split (CC 1.0 was apparently a one off contract, and 2.0 from what I understand is now ongoing revenue, so I think in the long run this incarnation is much better than anything prior). But that's not what The Gamers™ have historically been concerned about with monetization.
  12. I mean sure, if you're talking balance in a mod that goes out of its way to shift the viabilty of certain equipment, and not necessarily in a way that's any more balanced, that does move things a bit. We could discuss the Repeater and Service Rifle comparison in the context of a mod that gives the service rifle 200dps. That aside, there's still plenty of use for AP in vanilla before you get a missable unique dlc weapon loaded with ammo that requires a perk to craft. The fact ammo explicitly labeled as "Armor Piercing" matches the highest DT values of enemies with DT in NV (15 and 25) isn't a coincidence.
  13. This is your take away from this conversation, not mine. It remains as I said, the only substantial arguments against a Paid Mods program are based entirely in doomsaying that it's going to kill casual/free modding because some such and other.
  14. Which is simply just not going to happen, for several reasons. The verification program has standards, and hosts exclusively original and sanitary content. That's particularly important for Skyrim and Fallout 4 considering how many weapon and armor mods for these games are just model ports from The Witcher and various FPS games. It's plainly irrational to say the casual modding scene will go anywhere because of "paid mods". The fact these products require payment is itself a reason for the casual modding scene to stay active. As far as that quote goes, Haven't people been saying Bethesda puts out sub-par games that need to be fixed with mods since oblivion? This whole argument falls apart at "make you pay for mods.": You don't *have* to pay for mods, just like you don't have to subscribe to those patreons.
  15. Modders aren't obligated to make content for you, or available to you. And regardless, I have doubts the casual modding scene will ever go anywhere- especially since you can't just waltz in to the Verified program, but need a vetted portfolio.
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