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It begins! Preferred Mod Manager, versions, etc

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So I FINALLY, after many installs and months of man-hours messing with mods years ago, completed Morrowind. I am now completely obsessed, and need more.


I played through with OpenMW, but did not really take advantage of it's new features. Very few mods, mostly vanilla, no mod manager. I think next I'll use original Morrowind, vs OpenMW, because there is more mod support. However, I am keeping both installs in parallel.


What do you folks prefer for a mod manager? Usually I go without, manual installs, but I want to install a ridiculous amount of mods this time around for a complete remaster, so to speak. I have downloaded Wrye Mash, Mod Organizer 2, Morrowind Mod Manager, and Vortex. 


Also curious if there are any mod managers that really support OpenMW. I played around a little with Vortex, but didn't care much for the interface and was a bit concerned how it functioned in parallel with OpenMW Launcher. 



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Avoid the mod installers/downloaders like Vortex.


I use Wrye mash as a manager, mlox to sort the load order and mainly Enchanted editor to clean.

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