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  1. Somethings can't be learned by reading.
  2. I ban you because your nickname contains a first name.
  3. It's a point of view. Learn as if you were immortal.
  4. I ban you because the character in your avatar wears an ebony helmet while nothing compares to daedric.
  5. And your message is 7 words long. Hatred is a poison for everyone.
  6. Hit The next person oftenly goes to the swimming pool.
  7. It depends of your point of view I suppose, if you are hanged by the feet you might see things upside down. Since the United States have a state called Arkansas and another state called Kansas and since the USA have another state named Arizona why don't the USA have a state called Izona?
  8. You used 5 words. Misunderstanding oftenly leads to unnecessary quarrels.
  9. Miss The next person is vegetarian.
  10. The above user seems to have a certain affection for the number between 8 and 10.
  11. According to some sources the tigers affectionate the thai boxing for a cultural reason. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  12. Because your mouse thinks the heart icon hides a trap. Why isn't there any movie where Batman fights the Penguin in Antarctica?
  13. Because every stinging nettle dreams of making a featuring with Itchy and Scratchy. When a spy works in a hospital is it always in the ICU area?
  14. Granted but it will full of electronic one of your enemies will hack so you have an accident which will leave you heavily weakened. I wish to be immune against all the diseases.
  15. Hit even if I like more than I love. The next person oftenly organizes barbecues parties.
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