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Porting and Permissions Question

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I am not sure where to ask this so I hope this is the correction location.


I have made and uploaded a patch for a mod on Skyrim LE. The original author has open permissions. I can easily convert and port my patch to SSE.


The mod however was ported by another person to SSE.


Do I need their permission to upload the patch even though I did not use their files at all and only touched the original LE ones? It still needs the original files though, which is what they ported for SSE.


Please advise.


Thank you



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Are you saying the "port" has more closed permissions? (If that's the case, I'm not a huge fan of people doing that to be honest). 


If you haven't used any assets directly from the SE version you should be ok, however I would recommend you reach out to the "porter" just as a matter of courtesy. 


Without knowing for which mod you're talking about I can't say for certain. You're welcome to PM me if you'd rather not discuss it publicly. 

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