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  1. Oh I see now, you're getting confused by the columns.... that's worth mentioning to the designers (@mfPixel). The monthly/annual selector is completely separate from the rest of the form below it. The subtotal, tax and total reflects what you'll actually be charged. You will only be charged the amounts shown in this section. In order to add your payment details you need to fill out the 3 fields above the "Continue" button.
  2. You can buy a single month by starting a 1-month plan and then cancelling the renewal immediately. You will only be charged for an annual subscription if you select that option. To be safe, make sure you read amount at the bottom of the page before confirming the purchase.
  3. @RS0371@EvObsessioN88 You both posted on someone else's thread about a different issue so I've split the conversation here. We are currently testing a dedicated server in Asia - so if you're based there it might be related. I'll pass this link to the devs
  4. Maybe you're just clicking the wrong thing? It's working here. It's a bit weird but download history appears twice in the navigation. The one under your profile icon is for all games and the one under "Mods" on the top bar is scoped to the game you're one. E.g. https://www.nexusmods.com/starfield/users/myaccount?tab=download+history The link above shows only my Starfield history. If you take Starfield out of the link, it shows everything
  5. Can you provide a screenshot of what you mean? For refunds, please send the refund request to [email protected] - however, depending on how many mods you've downloaded at Premium speeds you may not be eligible for a refund.
  6. What is crashing? The game? Vortex? Your PC? If it's the game crashing, you'll need to ask the curator of that collection. For other issues please provide a screenshot of any errors you see, if possible.
  7. That game should be approved now
  8. I'll try and do the pending game approvals tomorrow. We generally do them once a week at the moment
  9. Ever since we selected Paddle as our payment provider I have not been able to stop saying this!
  10. I wouldn't get too wound up about the reputation system, but if you don't like content from specific users the forum lets you ignore them here: https://forums.nexusmods.com/ignore/
  11. I've moved this to a more appropriate forum. Please keep in mind we only officially support Vortex. This is almost certainly a config issue in MO2 or your browser.
  12. I've split this discussion out into its own thread. We're aware of this discrepancy and it's on the roadmap to address. Please keep in mind that we're gradually moving stuff to the new site and the more niche features may take longer to re-implement. You can keep up to date with what's changed in our site news. Here's the most recent post! https://www.nexusmods.com/news/14988
  13. This is not caused by Vortex. Something else is modifying your load order. It might be an external tool, the game itself, or an SKSE plugin.
  14. I've split this into a new thread as you bumped an unrelated thread from 3 years ago.
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