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  1. This release makes some refinements to the Stardew Valley modding experience based on user feedback, improves various UI elements and includes a number of back-end bugfixes. Fixes Fixed the "SMAPI is disabled"-diagnostic for multiple SMAPI installations (#1674). Fixed Loadout disappearing when applying (#1737). Fixed un-managing a game removing all Loadouts instead of just the ones for the current game (#1738). Fixed sorting in the Mod Library and the "Completed Downloads"-section (#1690). Fixed SVGs not loading and rendering properly in the markdown viewer (#1661). Fixed SVGs throughout the App (#1622, #1681). Fixed not disposing services on close correctly (#1679). Windows: Fixed log file creation failing due to illegal character in path (#1728). Thanks, @ZeeWanderer! Linux: Fixed protocol registration (#1691, #1689, #1683). Linux: Upgraded GameFinder to fix an issue with not being able to find Steam installed as a Flatpak or Snap (#1720). Cyberpunk 2077 - EXTREMELY EXPERIMENTAL This version of the app adds Cyberpunk 2077 to the Games section (#1719). We are now actively working on supporting this game but the implementation is still very experimental and may not work for all types of mod. Further improvements are planned for future updates. Other Features Added support for ignoring game assets when backing up the game files. For Cyberpunk 2077, this can result in 98.75% less disk space used: 1 GB instead of 80 GB (#1713). The logs directory can be opened from the help menu in the top bar (#1675). Miscellaneous Improved user documentation for Workspaces, Health Checks and Stardew Valley. Reworked protocol registration to set the App as the default on startup (#1691). Reworked out data model to use our new source generator (#1626). Reworked out synchronizer to a simpler 3-way merge approach. (#1707). Began working on adding Loadout Items, Library Items, and reworking Downloads (#1336). This release contains some major changes for package maintainers. See the new docs for details. External Contributors @ZeeWanderer: #1728, #1746
  2. This is almost certainly caused by a broken .NET 6 install. See this post:
  3. Something on your PC must've broken Vorttex's deployment manifest. You should be able to restore from the backup as prompted.
  4. This is caused by browser addons or privacy settings.
  5. Try fully logging out and log back in. You can test this in an incognito tab.
  6. The error message you describe indicates that your bank is denying the payment. Please contact your payment provider. It's also possible that browser addons or privacy settings are breaking the form and making the payment widget untrusting of your traffic.
  7. The previously mentioned documentation https://modding.wiki/en/nexusmods/collections/create/mod-options#bundle-with-collection
  8. @Cerberry I've merged your report into the list of known issues as it has already been reported.
  9. rsk22 has been given a warning with a posting restriction for their conduct here. They can open a new thread if they still need help after the restriction has expired.
  10. These all look like PC config issues. Your temp directory folders may be broken, which means Vortex doesn't have permission to use it. The issues with Blade and Sorcery or Witcher 3 are because your PC is blocking Vortex from talking to GitHub.
  11. Doesn't sound like this is a Vortex problem, but more likely an issue with your connection. The I/O error is just the result of Vortex being unable to write data to your HDD.
  12. Good catch. I middle mouse click the forums out of habit anyway so I never noticed!
  13. No. Your version is so far out of date it can't auto update anymore. For context we had to update our security certificate (which tells your PC that Vortex is safe). Originally the certificate was issued to "Black Tree Gaming Limited", however, when we renewed it they changed the name to "Black Tree Gaming LTD". Vortex assumes the name must be an exact match to the first one. We released an intermediate version which accepts both names, but if you never updated for the several months that version was live, this error will occur. It's annoying but it's just a couple of extra clicks as a one off and you'll be back in business
  14. https://help.nexusmods.com/article/92-im-having-download-issues-what-can-i-do
  15. This is a duplicate of this thread.
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