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Community Answers

  1. You can follow the prompt to disable the mods that are not deploying any files and this message will go away.
  2. Not sure if you're the same user as I spoke to on Discord, but this is likely a corrupted Fallout4Custom.ini, delete the file and restart Vortex.
  3. Welcome to the forums To answer your question, yes we will be moving mod pages to the new design. Currently, we're slowly migrating a bunch of the old pages from the current site to the new site. We started with the Settings pages, then did notifications and now are working on user profiles. Mod pages are one of the upcoming projects but these pages are probably the most complicated on the site so we've been doing some of the lower-traffic pages first to lay some groundwork that we'll need for mods while making decent progress on the overall project. The end goal is for the entire site to be in the style you see on next.nexusmods.com. We're interested in community feedback as we progress through this so will be giving chances for you to share your thoughts periodically as things progress. (Note to anyone else reading, we're still looking at this thread and collating your feedback. Maverick's question was just something I could answer quickly!)
  4. If you're forced to run Vortex as admin that likely means that some kind of basic permissions in your Windows install are messed up (quite commonly by third-party AV apps). Running Vortex or any game/modding tool as admin opens your PC up to significant security issues.
  5. If it's only a brief spike in CPU use that's probably fine. The virus scanner is probably interfering with Vortex and/or the two apps trying to access the same file are causing it.
  6. For Collection issues, it's best to comment on the Collection page.
  7. This appears to be a fault with the Elder Scrolls Online extension. To get around it you can go to %appdata%\Vortex\Plugins and delete the ESO extension folder.
  8. Can you provide a link or a screenshot to show an example of what you mean? Edit: Seems that <br /> tags are incorrectly showing in a mod summary here: https://next.nexusmods.com/users/87673658/mods
  9. Regarding the author's name/image on mod cards. The name was always displayed on every entry on your profile. We've just added the avatar. These tiles will be reused everywhere we show a tile for your mod. As for the "why" on avatars being there, we can pass that question to the design team.
  10. Sounds like you're asking the very question this help article covers. https://modding.wiki/en/vortex/users/migrating-to-a-new-pc
  11. You probably need to close and re-open Vortex. If the LSLib actions aren't closing down properly that's usually due to something blocking it from working properly on your PC.
  12. You should post on the Collection page to ask the curator these questions. They may be able to help.
  13. One of the benefits of Vortex is that the install order doesn't matter. If you need to adjust which mod overwrites then Vortex can change that at any time regardless of which order the mods got installed.
  14. This isn't normal behaviour. Something on your PC is causing the CPU load. I'd suggest disabling any third party security apps and see if it still happens.
  15. If Vortex isn't creating the registry key when you run the installer then something on your PC is breaking the install process. It's also possible something on your PC is blocking Vortex from reading the registry to check if the key is there. If you know how to use RegEdit you can look under "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\57979c68-f490-55b8-8fed-8b017a5af2fe" to see if the Vortex install path is set properly.
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