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Dogmeat in Skyrim? (bringing new dog breeds to Tamriel)

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Hey guys! I'll start with a TLDR: I'm looking for help re-texturing some bad boys (actually good bois)


Alright now for the details.


There's a beautiful mod by Mihail known as Sheep Flocks (https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/28346). It adds traveling herds of sheep to a few towns with a shepherd and a variety of shepherd dog breeds. I fell in love with the dog models in this mod and it got me into modding myself. I just want to say thank you Mihail for everything you do for Skyrim modding community and everything you create.


So I got to work, using the dog models in this mod as a base, and created a pretty decent looking German Shepherd mesh. Now, I'm no pro at modding and I'm pretty sure I'm doing most of this stuff wrong, but I'm pretty proud of how my mesh came out, so proud that I want to do what I can to get this fella out to the modding community with the best quality possible. 

 So without further ado, meet the (unoriginally named) Dogmeat of Tamriel :smile:







So yeah, I made some rudimentary attempts to update for the textures in Gimp, but meshing was enough of a challenge for me. That's why I'm making this post, I'm looking for any dog-loving artists among the modding community who'd like to take a crack at updating the textures for this fella. 


I guess I'm really just putting my new mesh out there for anyone who wants to improve on it. All I ask is that Mihail be credited for his wonderful assets, also a link to his original mod for endorsement, and that I also be credited for the updated mesh. If anybody is interested, just message me and I'll send my new german shepherd mesh/textures along with mihail's original dog meshes and textures.


Also a few more useless details about my adventures with this project. I actually have plans to improve the border collie/aussies that were also in Mihail's Sheep Flocks mod. I planned to release them as a stand-alone dog breed and also as a dog replacer. I was thinking of calling the mod "Shepherds of the North - New Dog Breeds" or something like that. The textures for the other breeds could also use some updating. If anyone wants to collaborate on this project (or allow me to use their updated textures), I'll gladly welcome it. I also don't mind if I'm not the one to publish these mods. I'm just doing this for the community :smile:


And once again, thank you Mihail/Mihailmods for all you do. You're my inspiration for all of this. 

And a big thank you to the entire modding community!  You are all amazing.



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Your screenshot looks nice. I already dealed with Mihail's dogs. I made them smaller and adjusted the speed for better animations. Look at this: https://www.nexusmod...rim/mods/97720



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Good luck with your mod! Look forward to seeing it.

And thanks for the Sheep mod link - that looks amazing!

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