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  1. Ah...thank you for the info! In fact Elden is now back to normal. Sorry to have disturbed you. Glad I didn't break anything!
  2. The Elden Ring mod pages have gone wonky in the last hour. I can't search for mods, and some categories are empty. The SKyrim SE site seems to work fine, so I guess it's not local to me? Sorry if you know about this. Thanks!
  3. I noticed this morning, and it's way better! Thank you!
  4. I'm a Nexus subscriber. It's only appearing on the Nexus site so I assume it is a Nexus survey. If it isn't.... er..... Two more pics for you: https://postimg.cc/gallery/WrR6Ls9
  5. Ooops. Looking at my first post I come over really grumpy. I apologise. I'm looking after my elderly mum and I'm a bit stressed. :( I shouldn't be showing it in my posts. Here we go! You'll see the red tab on the right hand side. It it were, say, at the bottom of the screen or top, it won't obstruct stuff. https://i.postimg.cc/x8Sg9xpf/Survey.jpg
  6. I find this red survey tab highly frustrating because is blocks navigation on your mod pages. It all but blots out the right navigation arrow when browsing pictures. Obscures text and is generally intrusive. If you must have a survey, please can you put the feedback tab somewhere less in the way.
  7. Thank you for checking back with me. My tag blocking only blocks translations...but I will double check. And...looks all standard to me. I've used those settings for years! The same just happened a few seconds ago, looking for the mod "A matter of time". I got derivates of it, but not the mod itself. It's a bit strange. :geek:
  8. On the Skyrim AE site, I have been searching out some mods for a new game. I noticed that on several occasions the search engine failed to list the mod I was looking for. Here's a picture for you, where I searched for "Enhanced Blood Textures." The results list does not show the mod, and I'm even searching for it on its page! May I leave this with the Nexus team for investigation? Picture: https://i.postimg.cc/Z5MxW3CK/Failing-search.jpg
  9. Thanks! I did a quick scan and missed the topic. My query doesn't now need any answer.
  10. I block the tag Translation on my Settings. Yet every week I have translated mods appearing on the Skyrim NEW mods front page. The tag 'translation' is clearly on the mod, yet my setting is not blocking it. The tag blocking appears ineffective? https://postimg.cc/p9Bsd8y5
  11. That's interesting to know I was not the only one. Thanks. At least I am OK now with my Chrome Browser. Just having happy memories of Netscape...
  12. Home PC, Win 10. Chrome and Edge are stalled on the Cloudflare security check. I had access to Nexus on Friday morning, from Friday lunch onwards, I cannot log in. Yes, I am aware of the purpose and checks used by Cloudflare. I have read your stickied Cloudflare page as well. I have: scanned PC with both AVG and Malwarebytes (subscriptions), removed all Chrome extensions, cleaned browser cache, deleted cookies, tried incognito page, tried VPN, made an exception in my paid-for AVG for Nexus Web Pages, restarted my router, reinstalled Chrome, removed the cookies again.... MS Edge has the same issue. Opera can log in. Which is weird. What more can I do? I am consulting with Google on the problem. Thanks. UPDATE: from Google advice, the answer is to do a hard reset of Chrome, in other words delete the little (rude word) using Control Panel, and completely reinstall it. As per below: Lets try the following. Chrome Hard Reset Follow the steps below to uninstall Google Chrome:1. Go to your software list, and uninstall Google Chrome from the list http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uninstall-change-program#uninstall-change-program=windows-7 2. Go to this location: C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Google\ C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\3. And delete that "Chrome" folder (for both locations, if there is a Chrome folder)4. Restart your computer5. Install Google Chrome from www.google.com/chrome This may be useful to others in this situation, so I hope the mods leave this in place!
  13. Thanks Xeron! I have made two or three small mods for myself with basic scripts, but scripting kills me off. I'd do it myself if I had the skills, but I don't.
  14. Given the fabulous parallax mud textures we now have, we could do with squelchy, muddy footfall sounds to go with the terrain!
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