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NifSkope Infinite recursive link, failed to load block after blender edit

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Tried to edit a weapon nif in blender. Got it done, and exported it as a nif file. When trying to open the file in NifSkope I get two error windows pop up saying


Warnings were generated while reading NIF file.

infinite recursive link construct detected 8 -> 0

infinite recursive link construct detected 8 -> 8

infinite recursive link construct detected 8 -> 7


the second window says:


The NIF file could not be read. See Details for more information. 


failed to load block number 9 (NiTriShapeData) previous block was NiSourceTexture

Failed to load C:/Users/User1/Downloads/G36K.nif


What am I doing wrong? for context, in blender I just separated a part of a mesh and turned it into a separate mesh.



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I'm not a modeller, but I interpret that problem to be telling you that you lost the "NiTriShapeData" from the original mesh when you separated out the part you wanted.  The resulting NIF file is thus invalid and can't be read.


You might want to take a look at "TIP Mashing Meshes" and the other tips in the "Custom items" and "Weapons" sections of the wiki "Getting started creating mods using GECK" article.





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What you can do is import into blender the .nif file and then remove everything you don't want. 


When you export it, give the file a unique name (A) you can remember.


Import a second copy of the complete armor and remove everything that will be replaced by the first armor you changed. 


Give the file a unique name (B) when you export it.


This will give you two .nif files with the textures correctly mapped.  You will have to open each file in NifSkope and apply the correct shader settings.

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