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  1. Of course there is weapon sway when walking or running. Also, while standing. Weapon sway is also controlled by your strength and health. The lower the health/strength, the more the sway. With the video you provided, I don't see anything out of the ordinary
  2. You don't need a mod to keep the vanilla armors. Just don't install the armor from the mod and the game will load the vanilla armors. Keep in mind that the only thing that armor and body mods have in common are the texture files. If you use, for example, a Type 6M body replacer and don't use the Type 6M armor files, the only thing that will be changed is the nude body. The body file shape has no relationship to the armor files shape.
  3. Yu do not use [ and ] when using console commands. The command should be "player.additem 0000434 2 25".
  4. After adding the texture change, did you toggle Archive Invalidation? Have you checked the texture path to ensure it is correct and the texture was installed?
  5. Why? Are you or someone else being forced to use the file?
  6. The floating heads and hands are caused by the meshes and textures for the legion armor not being loaded. The pink is caused by the body textures not being loaded. The red exclamation mark is caused by missing meshes. What are your system specifications?
  7. With the exception of raiders, tribals or other unique races, there is only one human texture in the game. This is used for any skin that is exposed when the character is or isn't wearing armor/cloting. Bethesda censors the genitalia only. This is the reason you will find a nude texture in the .bsa (Bethesda Softworks Archive)
  8. There are a few movement replacers available from here (836 files), Fallout 3 and even Oblivion. If it would be any help, you could reverse engineer them and see how they were put together. Off the top o my head, there are movement changes in Bouncing Natural Breasts by thaumx https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35047 . There are others that do a complete overhaul of the animations. From Oblivion, I use parts of the NoMaam Breathing Idles and Womans Move. Since the game use the same type of animation file (.kdf) any of the animations would work as a replacer. I have never tried to do animations, but I think that along with GECK, you would need to use Blender V2.49 to do the bone orientation, mesh parenting and weighting.
  9. I honestly hope that is not your LOAD ORDER. If it is, you have a lot of research and work to do to correct it.
  10. By setting "Load Before" and "Load After' rules. There are various instruction videos available in the Vortex download (I think) or on youtube. Search through the Vortex forums for more information.
  11. Toggle (turn off/turn on) archive invalidation.
  12. There is nothing wrong with the LOD (Level of Detail) which is evidenced by the detail in the distant mountains. What you have the inability of the system to render the meshes of the close objects. This is usually caused by the game engine's limit of only accessing 2GB of available RAM. The .exe needs to be made Large Address Aware so that is uses all the available RAM. That is if there is more than 2GB of RAM available. This is done with the mod 4GB New Vegas Updated https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/55061
  13. I have been using FOMM (Fallout Mod Manager) since I added my first mod to the game 13 years ago. I never had any use for the added bells and whistles that come with the newer mod managers. It is the only mod manager that was designed, specifically, to work with Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. You have a new installation of the game, you need to start it from the FalloutLauncher.exe to set the graphics and other settings before anything else. And, while you have the game started from the launcher, play through the opening until just before you exit the tunnel and make a hard save. Then when you exit the door, make another hard save. From this point you can starting adding mods, checking in the game after each addition, to ensure the game will run properly with the just added mod. It will take a while, but getting a stable game is worth the work. Any mods that require to be installed in FOSE/plugins should be installed manually. Not all mod managers will install them correctly. FO3Edit https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/637
  14. You have exceeded your equipment's ability to properly render the textures. You need to reduce the number of mods in your load order or make your game Large Address Aware and/or install the FNV Mod Limit Fix.
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