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Premium account still has capped download speeds on vortex

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Hey, I rebought Nexus Premium again today, and download speeds on every mod I install is capped around 2.5MB/s. When I previously had premium, I never had such an issue. I've tried to install mods from different games, and ensured my internet is working properly (usually downloads at ~28MB/s). I tried the internet at my job as well, and the cap was the same. I've raised download threads, changed the download location, and reinstalled/relogged in vortex. Additionally, I notice that when I first begin downloading a mod after restarting the program, I see the download start at a normal download speed, up near the 20's, but then it quickly returns back to the cap. The catch though is that I tried NMM, and the download speed isn't capped there. It's downloading a bit slower than normal, but not capped so low. Any help appreciated  :smile:



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Hi Masde,


Sorry to hear about this issue. It seems like it may a problem with your connection to our servers. 


We can only help you further if you provide all the information from the following help article: https://help.nexusmo...s-what-can-i-do


It's also possible following these steps may help you find a solution yourself (such as changing your default server).

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