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Bashed patch skyrim

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So I need help with a bashed patch... I open wyre bash, did the bashed patch cuz I thought it would give me less CTDs but it just made it worse, after doing the bashed patch, some of my mods like my ethereal elven Overhaul mod and fnis 360 walking mod,I have to deactivate and activate it when I start playing and getting CTDs more when i try to load saves, when I try to load saves sometimes, the game crashes which wasn't like that before.. And when I try to load it again it works, it just made my game unstable
Then I deleted it which ruined my latest save, so I did it again but this time I did it again but this time I ran wyre bash through mo2(forgot to do that the first time) and did the bashed patch with ALl my mods, cuz the first time I did it, it couldn't see mods I installed through mo2, after doing it now with all my mods.. My latest save doesn't work, so I loaded an older one which worked for unknown reasons and I started playing but I still get CTDs when I try to load old saves thar I just saved like a second ago, but when I try to load it again, it open fine, and some of my mods aren't working....

Did I make a mistake by doing the bashed patch with all my mods, or should I have done it with mod that alter level list(don't know what that means, I'm a noob) and how can I fix this cuz my game was better before this stupid bashed patch

Pls explain in detail



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See my reply in your other thread.

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