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  1. Just a guess as I don't play FO3 ... your cell has no pathgrid.
  2. Something that may or may not be related .... some users of any skeleton.nif replacer that is based on later versions of Growlf's skeleton.nif (as found in Universal Skeleton NIF https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/37596 and used as the base for killermonkey99's BBB Ragdoll Breast Physics - Growlfs Skeleton https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40739 for example) get the flying through the air on death part of the bug shown in the video. The part where they then bounce back apparently unharmed is different however.
  3. +1 for JimboUK's idea ... neat and tidy by default with the option for actually utility when you want it!
  4. One tip I can give you regarding using BOSS plus Wrye Bash is to turn off Lock Load Order in WB (right mouse click beside the word File while on the Mods tab and in the right click contex that opens make sure there is no tick mark beside Lock Load Order ... it's a toggle so click Lock Load Order to switch between enabled (tick mark) and no tick showing it's disabled). You will need to run BOSS from the BOSS GUI (I have a desktop shortcut to make life easy) before you start WB to build a bashed patch but once you grasp the workflow it's easy. Most people these days use LOOT for load order which is supported by WB and you can then leave Lock Load Oder enabled and run LOOT from within WB. The two WB readme.htmls are where I learned most of what I know about using it. Look for Wrye Bash General Readme.html and Wrye Bash Advanced Readme.html in the Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Mopy\Docs folder after you have installed WB.
  5. To start off, the requirement for many mods that say they need Wrye Bash is simply because those mods use Wrye Bash's bashed patch to properly resolve conflicts with some other mods. Installing Wrye Bash and then using it to create the bashed patch is actually no more difficult than OBMM. BOSS is no longer supported by Wrye Bash's latest versions as the BOSS master list hasn't been updated for quite a while. It is possible to use BOSS but doing so will mean you are willing and able to place newer mods into your load order using the BOSS User Lists option (BOSS still works for older mods just fine). There are a couple of newer mods that have worked wonders at resolving many of the causes for Oblivion's crashes. Look for EngineBugFixes by Tiawar and Blue's Engine Fixes by BlueLament ... highly recommended. Without details on which mods are saying they require xEdit I can't say much beyond I find xEdit very useful as a troubleshooting tool but beyond that haven't had much need for it (though I have learned to use it to make some simple edits to some large mods in my load order, which has helped avoid the risk of breaking things while editing using the Construction Set). Edit ... I'm an old manual install dinosaur myself and I've yet to find a mod that couldn't be installed via a simple copy and paste after downloading, extracting and examining the mod.
  6. For reporting a mod the Report Abuse button is right where it has always been ... below the About This Mod section and above the Requirements and Permissions and Credits drop downs. To report a mod comment the Report button is also right where it has always been ... top right corner of the comment you want to report. To report a Forum post you use the three dots ( ... ) at the top right to open the selection for either Report or Share that post (which is a change with the new Forum format).
  7. Do you use EngineBugFixes (it has a fix for the stuck animation vanilla game bug). https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47085
  8. You need to replace the 01 part with the mod index hexadecimal number from your load order. You can get it from the Mods tab in Wrye Bash.
  9. Then I would suggest the setstage and TCL solution suggested on that UESP Wiki page. One caveat before doing the setstage MS02 90 command ... I would suggest getstage MS02 first to see what stage is reported (you can find the listing of quest stages at the bottom of that Wiki page).
  10. Sounds to me like the vanilla game bug. See the Bugs section on this UESP Wiki page for the workarounds https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Where_Spirits_Have_Lease
  11. MOO has compatibility for the big popular other overhauls built in via INIs that can be adjusted to customise what you will get in-game. MOO needs to load after the bashed patch because MOO uses empty level list that it then populates after game start using those selections from the INIs. Wrye Bash deletes empty level lists as part of building the bashed patch, breaking MOO.
  12. There are two versions available ... the original by kuertee and the Refined version by Quabla. The Refined version has even more factors affecting the chances for yielding.
  13. The old story of watched pots and boiling water. A rubber chicken will never be ready to eat if you don't look away from the pot.
  14. Worked a treat for me too. I'd already kudoed you in the past so the best I can offer is 1000 internets (whatever the heck they are ... maybe they're tasty). Nice sleuthing!!
  15. In the mod NPCs Yield their confidence and or aggression are temporarily reduced. The low confidence makes them flee (so no interaction is possible) but the aggression drop can allow interaction. It also adds other options.
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