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Any way to reset the download marker for a game so it's easier to know what's actually installed RN?

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I don't know how many times I have started on a clean installation of Skyrim now and it's starting to get more confusing each time to know what is installed or not since I can't find any way to reset what mods that should be marked as downloaded or not. I would be perfectly fine with just one button to mark the start of a new installation that makes everything that was installed before that time as not installed, should be easy to implement also.



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This currently isn't possible I'm afraid. The only way to reset your download history is to delete your account and register a new one. 


We looked into this in the closing months of last year and it requires significant developer work to implement. Your download history is used in a lot of places around the site. 


That said, we know it's something many users have asked for and will be looking at a better solution, but that may not be for a while yet. 

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