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I Need Legendary Weapon Ideas

suggestions weapon legendary weapons ideas needed list legendary weapon list

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Alrighty then! After following this topic for too long... Here's my suggestion. =D


Name (options): Boomstick (XD), Sprigganbane, Rootstaff, Elder branch.


Weapontype: 2-handed fighting staff


Enchantment: Has the ability to send out a circular shockwave from the point of impact. It is said that staff sends out this blast in a wave of anger when its wielder puts all his force into a strike, but fails to hit his foe and slams it to the ground. Although some say it seems the weapon needs some time to regain its power before unleashing another wave. Also, this shockwave seems to cause terror among spriggans and forces them to flee, attack one another and in extremely rare cases, outright causes them to disintegrate into ash. These effects seem to increase in strength when its wielder imbibes regular doses of hist sap, mixed with taproot.


Backstory: The origins of this staff are rather unclear. Some say it was the walking stick of an ancient mage that created using the soul of a raging barbarian and the shaft of his axe, imbueing it with a powerful whirlwind spell. Others claim it was once the staff stolen from the all-maker by the spriggans in the early days of life. Either way, none can say for sure. The only thing that seems certain is that it seems to be made from some sort of living wood. But whether that's the soul of a barbarian, or the remains of the all-makers breath that was caught by the spriggans remains unknown.


No specifics on the abilities and its appearance. Wouldnt want to leave nothing to your imagination, now would we? =)



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Here's a generator.





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Light Hallowed blade:1h sword

enchantments:deals double damage to dark & undead enemies, inflicts ice,fire, and shock damage

qoute:"this blade seem to have a mind of its own"

Story:legends of a blade blessed by the divines them selves, this blade was built with the sole purpose of defeating the enemies of evil, it radiates with the power of the gods and produces a calm blue glow.

Special:as told before this blade has a mind of its own and sides with those who are pure of heart, those who are tainted by malice will not even be able to hold the blade, for the more you have sinned the heavier the blade becomes until you can no longer weild it, when thrown it can be recalled to its weilder.

appearance:the blade is built to the style of a twohanded long sword but is used like a standard long sword, blue marking are engraved on to the blade the marking translate in dovahzul:"those I find worthy shall use me as an instrument of justice" the blade is ornate yet awe inspiring, the handle guard is a dragon and an eagle holding onto a beautiful ring held by four metal beast claws, and in the eye of the dragon are red gems while the eagles eyes are blue gems the hilt in woven around like a dragons tail, and the pomel is a purple gem held by dragon and eagle talon's one saying "lights path" and the other says "gods blessing" and in the gem "is shown by" in dovahzul making "lights path is shown by god's blessing"

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