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  1. My suggestion is for a modder to create a mod that will allow the following tracks from the previous Fallout games to be incorporated, NOT REPLACED, into the Fallout 4 ambient score. Naturally, you should have to own a copy of the games/albums in order for the music files to be ported over, and to give the developers and artists their due. The following tracks from each of the games are... Fallout 3 All tracks - explore, dungeon, settlement, combat etc. Fallout 3's score, in all categories of its ambient tracks, will match Boston very well I think. [i know there is a mod that already ports 3's score into 4, but not with FNV, 1 and 2]. Fallout New Vegas Mainly for dungeon ambience, as the general Mojave/desert-styled ambience does not fit Boston. Some of the tracks repeat in different categories, as I feel they are both appropriate for above and below ground dungeons/exterior and interior: Dungeon - Mutant Massacre - Beneath the Streets - Garden of Evil - Subterranean Meltdown - Boys and Ghouls - Thorn in my Side Exterior Dungeons/Above Ground Dungeons [such as railway stations, downtown ruins, Lexington etc.] - Industrial Devolution - Not My Vault - Junkies in the Trunk - Boys and Ghouls - Rocket to Repconn - Thorn in my Side - Monsters of the Mojave Combat [These tracks are the less Mojave/desert styled tracks, more appropriate for Boston] - The Gangs of New Vegas - Subterranean Meltdown [second half of the track transitions into combat theme] - Garden of Evil [second half of the track transitions into combat theme] - Beneath the Streets [second half of the track transitions into combat theme] - Monsters of the Mojave [second half of the track transitions into combat theme] Fallout 1 & 2 A real great mix of tracks in these scores, that were notably implemented in New Vegas (and worked marvellously) - I am using the same tracks from the original Fallout games that were used in New Vegas, and suggesting they be ported into Fallout 4. The implementation of these tracks are more specific and conservative, as many do not fit the atmosphere for Boston. I have split the categories into more specifics sections. Dungeon - Factories, Hospitals [Dungeons that are science or industrial-based] - Radiation Storm - Flame of the Ancient World - Desert Wind Dungeon - Vaults - The Vault of the Future - Underground Trouble Dungeon - Glowing Sea - Second Chance - Desert Wind Dungeon - Sewers - Underground Trouble - Desert Wind Brotherhood of Steel/Prydwen - Metallic Monks [of course] Minutemen/The Castle - Metallic Monks [i hate the Minutemen default score, maybe this track could also be implemented, along with Fallout 3's militaristic/Brotherhood tracks, e.g. New World, New Order etc.] √ĘSanctuary - Dream Town might work for here, maybe not. Worth a try. Extra Request/Suggestion To have Fallout 3's settlement music [Place of Refuge, The Smallest Hope, Megaton etc.] to play in main settlement areas such as Sanctuary, Hang Man's Alley, Sunshine Tidings Co-Op, Jamaica Plain, and other such settlements that are large enough, or have the appropriate setting to hear such tracks. Places that can be built up so they feel like a town and therefore the choice of music would feel appropriate [smaller, rural settlements should be excluded, such as Greentop Nursery, Coastal Cottage, Somerville Place etc. as they are remote, usually single building settlements with not much room to expand]. √ĘConclusion I would love to see some kind of mod that allows the implementation of these tracks into the Fallout 4 score. Mark Morgan's work for Fallout 1 and 2 did an amazing job of creating that dark atmosphere, that were consequently carried over into Fallout New Vegas. Fallout 3's darker tracks are also great, and help make that dark, oppressive tone in the Fallout world's more dangerous, intimidating and scary places. I think the tracks listed above, used in the suggested areas, could really help revive Fallout 4 tonally, and bring it back closer to the preceding games, which were much stronger tonally and atmospherically. I would love to hear your thoughts on my selections for the tracks, but I'm fairly keen on what I have listed. Would also be great to hear thoughts on how such a mod could be made [requiring the other games or scores, naturally, to avoid copyright issues - unless one could get permission from Inon Zur, Fallout 3 and FNV's composer, to use his tracks in Fallout 4...?] Again, I know there are several mods that do this partially already on the Nexus, but I have yet to find any that curate the whole Fallout Universe's score, and implement them appropriately [some of the Fallout 1 & 2 score mods use some really inappropriate tracks that do not fit Boston at all, which is why this request was necessary]. I am not a modder, only someone with a suggestion and interest. I would love to see this made! Thanks a million.
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