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  1. http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Zehir As near as I can tell, he was cannon first and used by Obsidian as a plot element.
  2. "Centryious Linkus, Lord of the Fine Print, beast of black fiber" rolls off the tongue nicely...
  3. Thanks, doing everything I can to get a stable internet connection, but it's been a horrorshow, and I'm locked into a nasty contract. Apparently I need to hire Asmodous himself to translate the fine print for me when it comes to ISPs.
  4. Hi! A barrage of questions asked, and a barrage of answers you shall receive! 1: There are slimes in several places, and they are using the NWN1 models imported/collected by rjshea. 2: Glad you like our title options. The project's title is currently "Nightsinger's Bane." 3: It would be great to add new faces to the models, and there are numerous nice face packs available for download - it comes down to what we have room for ultimately. We're reaching a size on the project that it might become difficult to distribute, so we have to watch our assets. 4: I will page through the dialogs with the academy devils. If you're correct, (and I think you might be), some story changes will need to happen lest we create a plot hole. Thanks for the attention to detail! 5: We have a few Baldur's Gate references built into the campaign for those who are attentive. if you look closely, you might notice a few... cannon immigrants in the background. As to the status of Gorion's ward, that's up to beamdog studios. They've said they have "plans" for Baldur's Gate in the future, and last I checked, had the rights to create new content for the series. :smile:
  5. Status update: Some great things have been done story/wise and Grazz'zt is looking amazing. and we can't show you an of it due to unbelievably bad internet provided by Centurylink coupled with a new PC that is being very rotten with regards to all of the programs up to and including the toolset and NWN2 itself. Injate is attempting to set up a windows XP virtual desktop using some Oracle software that should help with the issue.
  6. Development Diary 7/20/17: - Aaaaaand we're back from our convention. A great time was had by all, and the Tomb of Horrors lived up to its reputation for those who participated in our "RPG Dinner" event. - While we were playing MAME and AD&D, jestemwlodzimierz has been hard at work refining and improving Graz'zt - adding some nice armor details and making his skin a bit more obsidian. http://www.dethguild.com/wp-content/uploads/images/nwn/ck_bioware_images/grazt2.png
  7. Development Diary 7/06/17: One of the events at the gaming convention we're attending will be a murderous romp through the module "Return to the Tomb of Horrors," using the 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons ruleset. We made some custom character sheets for the player character holocaust, and decided we'd share them with the community if anyone is into "old-school" role playing. Enjoy! - AD&D 2nd Edition Character Sheets
  8. I'll try, it's been a ton of work setting it up, but we should have a good time. Injate built some pretty sweet MAME emulators from Raspberry Pi's, and then we fabricated some controllers, which should go over well. Everyone else is lucky - they get to fly out - I on the other hand have a 21 hour drive with all our equipment awaiting me.
  9. Development Diary 7/04/17: - Just a quick status update - We're participating a gaming convention in Biose Idaho from the 10-18th of July, and we will largely be out of touch until then. We're buried up to our eyeballs getting things ready for the event.
  10. Development Diary 6/17/17: - We've added 20 pages to the campaign bible, finishing out two companion arcs, which you can read HERE.
  11. Development Diary 5/30/17: - jestemwlodzimierz has been working on a Graz'zt for the campaign - it's still a work in progress but it's starting to shape up nicely! - Still dealing with major internet connectivity issues on this end - a combination of construction work and generally unreliable high-speed in my area has made me regret "upgrading" from my old "slow" DSL line. http://www.dethguild.com/wp-content/uploads/images/nwn/ck_bioware_images/grazt.png
  12. Development Diary 5/18/17: - Internet has been intermittent to say the least over the past few weeks, causing me all manner of grief, so the focus has been on writing - another 16 pages have been added to the campaign bible. Dialog Sample: ________________________________________________ - Area Title: Jump #11 The Temple of Lathander, Westgate. - Required Characters: Mantides, Charissa - Points of interest: The Temple, The Arena Upon using the teleporter with Mantides AND Charissa in the party, the option opens to travel to The Temple of Lathender in Westgate. The party appears near the alter. ____________________________________ Charissa: Well, I’m sure this’ll be useless. If you want something USEFUL done you should hunt down some of Tyr’s followers. Mantides: Against the undead we’ll find no stronger allies than my brethren. And I’d ask that you at least remain civil in the presence of my fellows Charissa. Charissa: Fine, whatever. I’ll put a sock in it around your hippy-dippy pals. At least Opig’s wormfood, the sniveling letch. Mantides: Charissa! Charissa: Don’t blow a gasket! I was just getting it outta my system. Mouth’s shut. For now… unless things get boring… or stupid… Brother Sanders: Mantides! Praise Lathander’s light, you’ve returned to us! Charissa: *Mockingly under her breath* “Mantides. Praise Lathander’s light, you’ve returned to us.” Gag. Who actually talks like this? Mantides: Brother Sanders? Where is Morninglord Tylanna? We’ve come in desperate need of aid… Brother Sanders: We fear she’s been abducted… Charissa: You lost another one? See, this is why Tyr prepares his priests for BATTLE. Brother Sanders: …. Mantides: Feel free to ignore Charissa – what happened? Brother Sanders: She traveled to the under-city with a group of the City Watch to put down several ghouls. None returned. The following morning, another detachment of watchmen began a search. They found the… the… remains of the first patrol… it was… most gruesome. Charissa: Well, maybe you haven’t noticed… but this whole city is crawling with Night Mask vampires. She’s probably dead – or worse. Brother Sanders: I… don’t believe so… at least… not yet…I hope… Charissa: Hope in one hand – fill the other with dung – tell me which weighs more… Mantides: As much as I find Charissa’s attitude grating, intolerant, boastful, disrespectful, boorish… Charissa: Anything else? Mantides: …and rude - it’s hard to argue with her conclusion… Brother Sanders: We feared the worst as well… then we received a ransom note… along with her holy symbol… (Sander’s hands Mantides a note). Coder’s Note: Give the party leader the ransom note. Mantides: Who’d dare abduct one of Lathander’s Morninglords! Charissa: Are you really asking that? Or is this a really bad attempt at sarcasm? It’s hard to tell with you. Mantides: They seek an audience… tonight…near the arena… to negotiate a ransom… Brother Sanders: They are expecting myself and a few fellow acolytes… perhaps you and your friends could surprise them… Mantides: Captain… I know we are pressed for time… but Tylanna is a wise and devoted servant of Lathander. I must insist we rescue her. ________________________________ Player Dialog Options: 1: Of course Mantides… we’ll help in any way we can. 2: I have a hunch this is going to escalate into a convoluted web of deceit and intrigue… with few rewards and plenty of new scars. What? Don’t look at me like that… I didn’t say we WOULDN’T help… it’s just that… oh fine… were in… I guess… if we have to… 3: We’re on a short schedule Mantides - the keep could be attacked any moment - we don’t have time to get side-tracked. If they can’t help us, we really have to be going. Let the City Watch sort it all out. 4: Why should I care if these miserable Lathanderites have misplaced their high priest? She was either weak or stupid – or both – to be so easily captured. I refuse to spend precious time cleaning up this mess when MY lands are in peril. ________________________________ (If 3,4) – Mantides: I have… long tolerated your many vices... suffered your brutal ways… and greed… all with the understanding that we battle a greater evil. But I will not – CAN NOT – allow you to abandon the leader of my order. I won’t stomach another second of this callousness. If you refuse to help, then I go alone. Charissa: Not alone bucket-head. I’m going with you. Maybe she was stupid and weak… but that’s no excuse to abandon her. That’s not justice… it’s… selfishness masquerading as pragmatism. And since we’re talking about it, I’ve pretty much had enough of our “Captain” TOO. Out leader might be better than The Kaiser - but not by much. If I don’t get upwind now, I might never be able to wash off the stink. Come on Mantides, let’s go save Tylanna. Coder’s Note: Charissa and Mantides leave the party and walk out the door. Remove them from the party roster, and remove Charissa’s store from Crossroad Keep. (The party is free to return to the CK from the portal). (If 1,2) Mantides: You have my deepest thanks – I know we’re dangerously short of time, but this is something I can’t ignore. Charissa: Bucket-head is right. This once at least. Mantides: The note says to speak with XXXX near the arena this evening. We will be given instructions from there. Brother Sanders: An odd choice… XXXX manages the arena. He’s cruel and avaricious but not one to be party to kidnappings… most unusual. Charissa: Vampires have ways of MAKING you do what they want… Brother Sanders: I suppose so. Please… feel free to rest here and make any preparations you need. Speak with me again when you’re ready to depart. (The party is free to arrange spells and organize themselves). Coder’s Note: Brother sanders sells Holy Water, healing services and wooden stakes. (The streets of Arena District are packed, and the crowd can be heard cheering in the background as the party approaches XXXXXX, accompanied by Brother Sanders). XXXXX: Well well, look at this… it’s that pouty cleric of Tyr… and… bless my soul… it’s Mantides… my my… you sure clean up nice… the last time I saw ya… why, you were layin’ in a puddle of filth on the floor of the XXXXXXX… to what do I owe this pleasure? Mantides: Don’t play the fool. We’re short on time. XXXXX: ‘Scuse me? Not sure if I’m likin’ your tone… Charissa: Then you’ll like mine even less. What’s the deal - not content with the profits from your barbaric arena? Graduating up to kidnapping are we? XXXXX: What? Kidnappin’… the hell you getting at? Charissa: Oh… now you’re going to play dumb… maybe if I snap a knee it’ll jog your memory… XXXXX: Whoa… hey now lady… put down yer bone-breaker… I don’t know nuthin’ bout no kidnappings. Anyone who goes in my arena goes in by their own choice. And that’s the truth before you me and your god… er… gods... Mantides: Odd… he… is telling the truth… perhaps we’ve been mislead… Voice in the Shadows: Oh… not mislead… Tobias: You’ve been lead to exactly where you were… ment to… be? Wait… you’re… you’re… Mantides? Charissa Maernos?! The Knight Captain of Neverwinter… wha… Charissa: Oh, that’s just great - it’s that half-pint fake-monk vampire from the brewery… what’s-his-name. Mantides: He called himself “Brother Tobias.” Charissa: He shoulda called himself “tent-stake-holder.” Someone pin the blood-sucking little rat down while I break off a chair leg… (Charissa purposefully walks off camera). Tobias: …the hells are you all doing HERE!!! Mantides: Retrieving our High Priest - from you and your associates. She had better be unharmed. (Muffled in the Background: The sound of wood breaking. Vendor: Hey lady… that was my wagon! Charissa: Official church business! The Knight Captain will pay you back later… Vendor: What?! Who?!). Coder’s Note: Put four vampire stakes in Charissa’s inventory. Tobias: I can’t catch a break… Charissa: Back. Let’s nail this walking leech to the gatepost. Oh… we owe that guy back there a wagon wheel by the way. Tobias: H-Hold on… hold on now! You can’t go hammering stakes into people’s hearts right here on the street! Charissa: You’re not a person – you’re a pee-wee vampire. Tobias: Getting tired of the short jokes… Charissa: Care… lots. Tobias: I’ll make this simple enough even a pig-headed Tyr-priest can grok it… you so much as wrinkle my clothes and Tylanna dies messy-like. Mantides: Charissa… I know subtlety is not one of your strengths but… Charissa: Oh please… don’t go all “lawful-stupid” on us Mantides. She’s probably already dead… or worse. In fact, it’s probably a lead-in to a trap of some sort. I refuse to believe a single thing this fanged toddler has to say… Tobias: Grrrrrrr… Mantides: Think this through… please… they didn’t expect to find us here. This was an extortion attempt. If the Night Masks begin killing people they ransom, nobody will pay them anymore. Tobias: Finally… someone with a lick of common sense… Mantides: Be silent – or I’ll let my associate give you the justice you deserve. Charissa: …if it’s a real shake-down, then Tylanna’s gotta be close – we lock down the gates, search the crowd and, if we have to, hammer sharp sticks into ankle-biter until he sings. I love simple solutions to “tiny” problems. Tobias: I SAID enough with the short cracks you witch! Gah! Listen... you’ve already got two dozen Mask eyes on ya – you TOUCH ME and the priest dies – and then you’ve got a fight on your hands… right here… in the middle of the supper crowd. These blood-bags ain’t nothing more than cattle to me and my pals. No telling how many might get popped in a ruckus… you prepared to live with that? Mantides: Charissa. We can’t start a battle right here in the middle of the district. Scores of innocent people might be killed or maimed… Charissa: Oh please… this is Westgate… the ARENA DISTRICT in Westgate. Who’s going to accidentally get hurt? Those whores peddling flesh to our left? The scum betting on gladiator matches to our right? Or is it the guy across the street selling Traveler’s Dust to kids? Face it - you couldn’t fill a dingy with the “innocents” in this part of town. FURTHERMORE, if you show these Night Mask wretches they can kidnap and use people as shields, you’ll just get more of it. Mantides: You can’t simply condemn and judge every single person here… Charissa: Watch me… Mantides: (Sigh). Charissa… this is a debate for another time and place… perhaps this is a matter for the Knight Captain to resolve. Charissa: Fine with me. The Captain tends to be REALISTIC. Well? What say you? Do we reward this nonsense – or do we make the Night Masks think twice about snatching folks and using human shields? ________________________________ Player Dialog Options: 1: We can’t start a battle in the middle of a crowd Charissa. We’ll meet their demands and track them down later, when innocents won’t be harmed in the fighting. 2: She’s right Mantides… if we allow them to hide behind innocents and ransom folks, it will only endanger more people in the future. We must put a stop to this behavior now. 3: (If Wisdom > 20) - You’ve both got a point. But right now, we can’t start a brawl in the middle of all these people. Even if many are… somewhat less the virtuous. I don’t like being a doormat for some vampiric little knee-high, but knowingly getting folks killed is not “justice.” Not when we can prevent it. 4: I will not be bullied or extorted by some gutter feeding parasite! I have tolerated this expedition on the understanding I will be granted assistance! If you stand in my path Tobias, then I shall destroy you and your Night Mask accomplices. I care not how many of these mewling cattle die in the process! ________________________________ - A Massacre Breaks out: __________________________________ (If 2, 4): Tobias: Oh… so it’s a bloodbath then? So be it! Plan B boys!!! *Whistles* (Many dozens of normal people in the crowd stagger for a moment, and suddenly turn aggressive and begin charging the party. Night Masks also begin spawning in and attacking). Charissa: What in the hells… Mantides: Damn! It’s the vampires… they’re compelling the crowd to attack us… what… NO! Not… Tylanna too… (The camera focuses on High Priest Tylanna, who joins the attack, also mesmerized by a vampire’s gaze/bite). Coder’s Note: Turn much of the NPC crowd to faction hostile. They are all zero level commoners, and will easily die to the players. The fight will continue until all the Night Masks, commoners and high Priest Tylanna are slain. Move everyone in the party 10 points towards evil and chaotic. (After the fighting has ended, the party surveys the carnage. Peasant corpses lie everywhere, and the scene is gristly). Mantides: Are you satisfied? Is this the “justice” you wanted? Charissa: … Mantides: WELL!? Charissa: …no. Not… not like this… this… isin’t what I wanted. Mantides: Unbelievable. I can’t continue like this. This was a slaughter that didn’t need to happen. Captain… I take my leave of you and your murderous band. Lathander knows I’ve tried to lead you down the right path, but our trail always seems to cross a river of innocent blood. Charissa: Mantides don’t… be a… Mantides: …a what? What should I not be? Angry? Disgusted? Distraught? Should I be happy with this… this… massacre? Charissa: …no. I don’t suppose you should be… Mantides: Goodbye and good-riddance Captain. Take your henchmen and leave my city. And you should go with them Charissa… if this is how you “honor Tyr,” then I want you as far away from here as possible. Charissa: Mantides… but I… (Mantides walks away from the party, and vanishes at the end of the zone). Coder’s Note: Remove Mantides from the party roster. Charissa: Well… Captain… I… I think it would be best… if we… leave. (The party is free to return through the portal). _______________________________ (If 1,3): Tobias: Ahhh, seems the level heads have prevailed. Wise thinking. Now… I was going to ask for 10,000 to guarantee the safety of our little blonde songbird, but seems we netted some bigger fish… and if The Faceless finds out I just let you all walk… he’ll dust-me himself… so I s’ppose we need to improvise some… Charissa: I swear to Tyr, if he keeps going on like this… Mantides: …unless you want violence, get to the point creature… my patience is wearing thin too… Coder’s Note: Mantides assumes a combat stance, brandishing his Holy Avenger. Tobias: Hisssss! All right all right! Put down that… horrible… “thing” - ‘fore you give me a sunburn. Gah! So here’s the deal, and I’m improvisin’ here so no complaints… Way I hear it, the dueling pits have the match of the century set up. Some o’ the greatest scrappers in all the realms here. You enter and win it, give us the winnings as ransom, and we give you your songbird back. Charissa: That’s beyond stupid. Tobias: Hey, I told you I was improvising! This was supposed to be a shake-down… fishing for minnows… didn’t expect to hook a blasted whale. Look at this from my perspective… this way we still get paid… I don’t get staked… and when the boss starts asking questions, we can say we made a good faith effort to get ya all killed. Nice’n tidy! Charissa: …and it buys you time to rally your allies and attack us… Tobias: I ‘spose that too. But we’ll be sportsman-like about it. Fight’ll be down there – in the pit – instead of up here with all the sheep getting hurt in the fracas. Well Captain? We got a deal? ________________________________ Player Dialog Options: 1: If that’s the only way to prevent a massacre, then so be it. 2: This is rubbish. You’re stalling, and will never keep your end of the bargain. Release Tylanna now - for the agreed upon ransom - or I let Charissa hammer a wagon spoke through your chest. 3: Well… don’t you just have us over a barrel… you little fanged midget. Fine then… we’ll fight in the blasted arena – and when we win, if you don’t release Tylanna safely, there will be nowhere you can hide. 4: I will NOT be made a mockery by some fledgling blood-sucker! I refuse to play your games! Unhand that priest for the agreed upon sum before I impale you on a flag pole! 5: I will tolerate this challenge. Not because I care about the pathetic sheep bleating in the streets, nor for the life of this incompetent sun-cultist. I shall revel in this chance to match my strength with the combatants below. Their blood shall paint a glorious tribute to my greatness! ________________________________ (If 2,4): See “A Massacre Breaks Out” above. (If 1, 3, 5) - Tobias: That’s the spirit! Hey, XXXX – Looks ta me like you got some last minute challengers! Sign’em up! XXXX: Perfect – the crowd loves surprises. Tobias: I’ll be in the crowd watching. If ya live, we’ll make the trade. Good luck Capt’n mwhahaha. Or not. I win either way. Mantides: One of these days Tobias, your schemes will come up too short by half. Tobias: I doubt tha… t…. er… heh… I get it… you just had to get another short-crack in didn’t ya. (Tobias walks off camera muttering). Charissa: I hope you know what you’re doing Captain… XXXXX: You have a bit of time before your first match – I’d suggest you get yer gear’n spells in order. Speak with me when you’re ready to start scrapping. (Once the party elects to begin combat, the screen fades to black). Coder’s Note: Jump the party to the arena floor. The crowd should be roaring in the background. (The party stands together on the far end of the arena, the screaming crowd anticipating the bloodbath) Charissa: Is it too late to say this was a bad idea? Mantides: Somewhat. Charissa: Up there… left of center – is that her? (The Camera focuses on Tylanna sitting motionless, Tobias standing next to her). Mantides: You have the eyes of a hawk Charissa… yes that’s Tylanna. She appears unharmed. (The announcer’s voice bellows across the arena, interrupting the discussion). Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen… and ladies who ACT like boars… we have a special show for you tonight… Mantides: That’s… impossible… I… I know that voice… Charissa: OPIG! Obid: For tonight’s entertainment, we have the Great Knight Captain of Neverwinter, who along with hand band – and some local favorites - shall be face off against… Everybody! (If Rinara is present) – Rinara: Local favorites? We don’t even get mentioned by name? Actually…I don’t know if I should be happy or upset by this. Mantides: This isn’t possible… Obid was slain… Charissa: …by vampires. The math ain’t hard on this one kettle-top. Mantides: The wretches turned him… damn… we should have laid him to rest when we had the chance. This is my fault… Charissa: Don’t get all mopey - it’s not like we had time to leisurely stroll around Westgate and conduct funeral rites. We had Orbakh and a few hundred vampire Night Masks after our throats. Mantides: Why are you smiling… this is a tragedy… Charissa: Are you kidding? Do you know how long I’ve wanted to pound a fence-post through Opid’s chest!? And now I get to! Slowly. Mantides: I… don’t think you’re supposed to enjoy this… Charissa: Speak for yourself Lathanderite. This is quite possibly the happiest day of my entire life… Obid: For our first event, the dogs of Neverwinter shall square off against the famed Occandus and his gladiator troop, fresh from their victories in Amn! Personally, I don’t think those northerners have a prayer! Let the games begin! Coder’s Note: Jump the party to their arena starting position. Occandus and 10 burly gladiators spawn at the far end of the arena attack the party. Once the party kills the last of the attackers, run the following dialog. Obid: What a show! What a show indeed! But that was just a warm up ladies and gentlemen! Charissa: A warm up Opig? Yeah… sure…just limbering up my hammerin’ arm. Takes practice to apply just enough force to break the ribcage on the first blow - but not quite pierce the heart. WHAM! Tap. Tap. Tap… tap… tap… Mantides: That’s getting a bit… disturbing… Charissa: …tap… and maybe another tap… I am loving this moment so much I want to marry it and have its children… Mantides: About that… don’t take this the wrong way… but please… don’t ever have children… (If present) – Rinara: Ahhh… why not? She has the maternal instinct of a praying mantis… Charissa: Pffft… do I look like some frumpy housewife? (If the party rescued Casavir from the Luskans) - Charissa: Pffft… do I look like some frumpy housewife? Although… that Casavir… mmmm… I’d have his babies… that man’s built from top to bottom, and unlike some of the ninny’s I’m saddled with, he knows how to act decisively. Mantides: Death might just be a mercy at this point. Obid: For our next challengers, coming all the way from Thaymount, we have the Mighty Adrilena, the master of clay! Looks like this is the end of the road for the plucky Knight Captain and his pet troll Maernos! Coder’s Note: Jump the party to their arena starting position. Spawn a Thayan Transmuter, 4 Iron Golems, 4 Clay Golems, 4 Stone Golems, and 4 Flesh Golems at the far end of the arena. The Transmuter is geared to the hilt with Flesh to Stone and disintegrate spells, as well as mastery feats. Once the party kills the last of the attackers, run the following dialog. Obid: Well now… that was certainly… unexpected. Obviously an off day for Adrilena! But never fear folks - we’ve been saving a special one for this round! Straight from the Eastern Steppes, we have the champions of Barovia! A round of applause for the winners-to-be ladies and gentlemen! (The audience cheers and hollars). Mantides: I’d just hate to think they stacked this against us… Charissa: …you know… I’m new to this whole gladiator thing… but I don’t believe one team is supposed to fight everybody… Mantides: I can’t tell if you’re complaining or happy about this… Charissa: Do I have to pick? Coder’s Note: Jump the party to their arena starting position. Spawn Heshiro, Ki, Mica, Radghast, Kravin and Ryath. Mica will focus on nukes and summoning creatures, Ryath and Heshiro will close to melee range, Kravin will attempt to disable players with enchantments and Ki will spam healing spells. Once the party kills the last of the attackers, run the following dialog. Obid: Oh well… who the hell ever heard of Barovia anyways… obviously overbilled. Sorry about that folks! The next match is far superior! We have… uhhh… hold one moment… (XXXXX Approaches Obid and begins gesturing, neither can be heard over the crowd). Obid: …what do you MEAN they pulled out? Can they even DO that?! What kinda arena are you running here!? (The Crowd Mutters). Obid: …you are ruining this for me… bah! Fine! I’ll do it myself! Arena fans! For our GRAND FINALE, I, your beloved host, along with my erstwhile companions… (The camera pans to Tobias in the stands). Tobias: …crap… Obid: …shall put down the mongrels of Neverwinter in a fashion befitting my greatness! Don’t be stingy with the applause now! (The crowd mutters). Charissa: You remember what I said a few minutes back… that thing about my life’s happiest moment? Mantides: Despite all my best efforts… Charissa: I love this moment so much that I want to cheat on that moment with it. Mantides: Hah. Coder’s Note: Jump the party to their arena starting position. Remove Obid and Tobias from the crowd. Spawn Obid, Tobias, Tylanna and large assortment of Night Masks in the far end of the arena. Tylanna is being mind controlled by the vampires, and will fight the party. If she is killed, it will result in a quest failure. Obid: Are you ready to die you blue-eyed she-devil? Charissa: Keep dreaming you fat lump! I got a stake for you - and half of one for your pet poodle… Tobias: …that was uncalled for… Mantides: Tylanna! Tylanna! Don’t do this! Fight them! It’s me… Mantides… don’t let them control you! Obid: Oh… the soiled paladin… I’m almost sorry to say this… but Tylanna is quite under my control… she’d slay her own mother if I gave the word. I think she’s smitten with me to be honest. After we kill you, why… I might even turn her – she’ll be an adoring bride. It’s almost a curse… most women simply find me… irresistible… Charissa: I just threw up in my mouth some. Mantides: You foul bast… Obid: …oh… I seem to have struck a nerve! Do you have some feelings for our little songbird? Go on… get angry… I LOVE watching you little humans get riled up! Mantides: … Obid: Come now… don’t be bashful… tell me how much you want to split me open and strangle me with my innards. We both know you desire it… I can see the delicious impotent hatred burning in your eyes… Mantides: (sigh). No. I refuse to let you ruin my composure monster. What you offer is temptation… you’d have me fall from Lathander’s grace by attacking in hatred. I shall have none of it. Obid: Oh? Going to be the pious martyr? How boring. Such restraint is so… dull. You’ll never sleep well if you don’t get your revenge Lathanderite… Mantides: I don’t need revenge Obid. I just want Tylanna back safely. Besides… I don’t have to raise a hand against you… and I don’t have to save you from Charissa either. Charissa: I’m starting to like you bucket-head. Obid: Grrrrrrrr…. Kill them! Kill them all! Now!!!
  13. Development Diary 5/08/17: - Sorry for the delay, I've been suffering some serious internet connectivity issues the last week+, working to get them resolved. - We're pleased to announce that the voice actress Erin Hales will be narrating each chapter. Her demonstration was fantastic, and we feel she will be perfect for each chapter's conclusion and the grand finale.
  14. Development Diary 5/01/17: - We're puttingg the finishing touches on some dialog, which we'll share once they are polished a bit more. - We have some exciting news, which we'll share over the next couple of days. - We ran into some problems uploading the last version of the campaign to the .git archive, and are going to push a fresh version up.
  15. Development Diary 4/24/17: - Chad Springer has been commissioned to draw us another 16 pieces of unique art for the campaign. These will be shown during the into cinematic and ending credits. - We've purchased a nice microphone set up and are getting sound-sets made for Bodvarr and Terukawa. - We're still searching for a female who is interested in about 2 hours of voice-over work as the narrator. A New England or UK accent is preferred, but we're open minded. - We're currently writing Charissa and Mantides final mission, which takes place mostly in the Westgate Arena.
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